Tyranny of Dragons

The final battle

Everyone is here for the big event.

Lady Silveryhand comes to us and gives us a journal. Anything we write in it will be mirrored in another copy that will be in Zanthal’s tower. Command word: Avocado. One use only (we can’t erase pages and reuse them). She gives us a brooch with a jade center and tells us that we should push and hold it if all seems lost.

Finally, after another seemingly interminable time waiting to teleport, we end up at Zanthal’s tower. Romalia is there waiting for us. She wants to go over our mission again:

We are to lie low and report on troop dispositions. We need to not be captured so that we can be ready to disrupt the ritual during the attack. Analysis of the scrolls has indicated that a structure tied to Tiamat is required for the ritual. She gives us a scroll of earthquake that may be useful.

We set out on the 500 mile journey. The closer we get to the Well of Dragons, the more desolate the landscape becomes. After a week, we are passing farmers seeking refuge. After two weeks, we are spending time every day hiding from dragon patrols.

Finally, we see the Well of Souls, a smoking Caldera. There is now traffic heading to the Well, people bringing supplies, people wearing purple to identify themselves as cultists.

There are two main roads that approach the vulcano, one from the NE and one from the SE. There is a lot of traffic on the road from the SW. Large numbers of prisoners are being escorted in.

Mordaxis, Feng, and Natali scouted the edge of the caldera under cover of an invisibility magic cast by Mordaxis. There is constant dragon traffic here. Below them is a pit or gash in the interior of the caldera. Most of the interior of of the caldera is lined with dragon bones, so the ground can’t be seen. there are dozens or hundreds of dragons. There is an area opposite (on the NE side) where the dragon bones have been cleared and there’s a bunch of guard drakes and men in leather armor guarding a cave.

There are up to 6 red mages wandering among the dragons. They may be searching or marking, or something. There don’t seem be roads entering the caldera, and there are no ramps or stairs or anything.

on the way back down, they came across a lava tube.

Over the next couple of days, we scout the roads and discover that they disappear into lava tubes in the side of the volcano. There are 6 lava tubes that the people are using.

We moved into the lava tube that Mordaxis and company had found earlier. We argued incessantlly about whether we should further explore or wait for some reason or other. We ended up taking a long rest at the entrance like frightened children. It heads generally north and down. There’s branching in the tube, and there seems to be disturbances here, and some large footprints.

Stor and Natali scouted east and the rest of us waited at the branching. Stor found a crossroads. There is heavy traffic in all directions there, except where we are. A red wizard passes right by Stor.

After exploring to the north, Stor finds himself at the bottom of the gash that they saw from the rim of the caldera.

We figured that the cave being protected on the north side is the site of the ritual, so we decided to scout up that way.

As we were scouting, I tripped, sending up a cloud of dust. Mordaxis cast invisibility on me, but a dragon swooped down to investigate and caused Feng, Stor, and Rev to cower in fear. He/It didn’t find us, and a human guard nearby also didn’t find us.

There are covered wagons going into six tubes, empty wagons coming out.

Mordaxis and someone else scout the rim of the caldera at dawn, mid-day and dusk every day. on the second morning of watching, five wizards of Thay perform a ritual in the center of the caldera, bringing forth a super-tall five-sided red tower. No less than 15 red wizards go out of the tunnels and into the new tower. Followed by a man in gem-encrusted purple robes.

About five hours later, all of the dragons rose from the caldera and headed off to the north. Rev disguised us as wizards of Thay using magic and we headed into the main tunnel carrying traffic into the side of the vulcano. There’s a giant cavern filled with mountains of gold, gems, silver, and treasures. It’s a 100’ by 200’ cavern filled with more treasure than we could imagine. There’s a couple of guards and giant, naked monsters. They tell us to get back to the tower.

At the exit into the caldera, there are creatures not of this earth. Triple-jointed insectoid devils standing next to four guard-drakes. About 1/2 way between the cave and the tower, we hear an evil chanting and see a nasty glow. Mordaxis pulled out the scroll of earthquake and read it, centering it on the tower. The tower cracks open, and there is a howling from within, but the chanting continues.

The devils and the drakes all spring into action against us. As they run toward us, they each throw a fireball at Mordaxis and me, both missing. Mordaxis abjures them, and both of the devils blink out of existence. As we are beating down the drakes, a huge, epic red dragon lands about 120 feet away to the north. Mordaxis opened the door to the tower, seeing a couple of red wizards, one of which is doing some sort of ritual.

Suddenly, a streak of gold comes hits the red dragon, and turns into a gold dragon. It yells “stop the ritual you fools!” and attacks the red dragon.

I ran into the room with the two wizards, attacked one of them, and fell on my face in front of them. Mordaxis used his magic to fire a ray of pure death at the fancy wizard (not chanting), who took a knee, but didn’t die. The wizard strode toward Mordaxis saying “Do you fools think that you can stop Tiamat, my master Severen will never allow it!” Eight more wizards enter the room.

Nat ran into the room, stunning the guy doing the ritual. We could sense the ritual breaking to either side of him and above him. Stor put an arrow through his head, killing him.

I moved to attack the red wizard who threatened us, but it was apparently an illusion, because my sword passed through him three times. Suddenly he appeared off to the side and sent a cone of cold at Feng, Nat, and me. Nat ran over and punched him in the face, killing him. Suddenly, two other red wizards appeared, said something about the rebels, and disappeared with four unharmed wizards and six dead wizards.

An undead with armor and slits instead of a nose came into the room, Feng and I immediately attacked it. Mordaxis and Rev cast spells at the floating guy, killing him. The vampire or whatever, attacked Feng, causing necrotic damage. Finally Feng killed him.

We moved to the central spire, and there’s a gem-encrusted, purple-robed dude floating 100 feet above the ground. He throws fire at Mordaxis, but Bahamut is protecting Mordaxis, so the damage is minimal. Feng shot one of the ritualists, killing him. Then the purple-robed dude wrapped me in chains of fire. I implored Bahamut to free me from the chains, and then moved over to Mordaxis so that he could levitate me toward the purple guy.

Feng took out another dude with arrows, while Natali and Stor attacked another. The purple dude sent a ball of fire down to strike Feng and wrapped Natali in chains of fire. Mordaxis took out another of the wizards.

Natali broke free of the chains of fire with pure strength. The rest of the wizards on the ground die, but then a writhing portal opens 50 feet above the ground, and a five-headed dragon wriths through the portal. A black dragon head pokes out and shoots acid at the purple-robed dude, killing him before I can get there to kill him myself.

Mordaxis dropped me on the black dragon head, and I invoked the wrath of Bahamut and drove my glowing sword infused with the mighty holy power of my god into the evil black head of Tiamat. Feng shot the last of our dragon slaying arrows at the black head, doing a lot of damage. More heads come out of the portal, spewing poison gas and fire. We fought valiantly, until Stor took the brooch and pressed the gem in desperation.

Lady Silveryhand appears next to Stor. Finally, the white head pops out, and Tiamat’s terrible body comes through the portal, dropping to the ground and all five heads cried “Finally, the transition is complete, now I need to regain power!”

Lady Silveryhand casts apparently three spells at the same time. Two of the heads breath on Lady Silveryhand and those around her, imparting terrible damage even though she has a globe of protection. Feng fell to the ground, apparently dead, but managed to fight through the pain to rise with his great sword and strike at Tiamat.

I drove my sword into the head beneath me with a final desperate call to Bahamut, imparting all of my remaining magic into the blow. There was a pause as the black head that I was riding fell to the earth and the remaining heads cried “So close, noooooo” as Tiamat faded into oblivion.

I fell to my knees in praise of Bahamut as the rest of the group began bandaging wounds and checking on each other. With the silence inside, we could now hear the battle raging, but we knew that the true battle was over, and we had won. I decided in that moment to dedicate the rest of my life to cleansing the Well of Dragons of it’s evil stain and rededicating it to the glory of Bahamut.



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