Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 21 - Lorea

Adventure Log 2015-12-29

We wandered through well-kept and well-tended hedges. They are very thick. Who is maintaining them? We came to a large clearing with a sundial in the middle and 8 exits at every point of the compass. We seem to have come in from the Northern exit, and the shadow on the sundial points South, even though the sun is in the East. We examined the sundial and then followed the shadow of the gnomon to the South. After walking for a while, we came back into the clearing from the North. Now there are two shadows, one pointing south and one west. We went west. After walking between 60 and 300 feet, we came to a giant clearing with a 60 foot diameter pool. In the middle of the pool, floating a foot above the water, is a garnet.

The pool is perfectly circular, it seems be a cylinder, with no bottom. Natalia ran across the pool, scooping up the gem on the way past. Two giant lobster-like creatures rose from the pool and chase her. We backed out of the clearing and the lobster creatures would not leave the clearing. We continued on to find ourselves back at the sundial.

We decided to go SW, we went for a while and ended up coming back to the sundial from the north, only now the shadows point S, NW, and NE.

We go North, and end up coming back to the sundial (from the north again). There are four shadows, and as we try to figure out where they are pointing we notice that the shadows are spinning. They spin faster and faster, shrinking into a point and disappearing.

We go S again and come to a huge clearing with a pasture, sheep, cottage, and two cyclops’s with shepherd’s crooks. As soon as we step into the clearing, everything starts moving. One of the cyclops’s comes over near us, grunts in giantish at us, then chucks a big boulder about 100 feet. I am unable to chuck a boulder that far, but Rev uses his telekinesis ability to lift a boulder, walk with it about 90 feet, then throw it past the other boulder. The boulder that the cyclops threw splits open to reveal a topaz, which we collect and put with the garnet from earlier.

We go E. We come to a fountain surrouded by beautiful flowers 8 feet in diameter that shimmer in the sun. When Natalia approaches the flowers, she notices that in the middle of each flower is a fist-sized pearl. Rev tried to levitate the pearl from a flower, but was unable to separate it from the flower. We tied a rope around Natalia, who reached in to retrieve the pearl. As soon as she pulled on the pearl, the petals closed around her and a scary thorn-filled mouth opened behind the pearl and bit her. The flower slammed her to the ground, stunning her.

Stor attacked the base of the flower. Mordaxis shot a blast, but hit the flower next to the one in question and woke it up. I couldn’t pull Natalia free, and now Stor has also been caught. Everyone continues beating it until we kill those two flowers and flee.

We go SE. 60’ wide pond with a pagoda built upon a boulder in the middle of the pond. A nice bridge crosses to the pagoda. A middle-aged human in yellow robes is standing in the pagoda, he bows to us, sits down, and indicates that we should join him. When we sit down, an iron teapot rises from the embers. He fills the kettle with water, adds leaves, and then we wait. Just as the water comes to a boil, he raises his arms, and the stone all around us rises to enclose us and he sinks into the stone.

The pot is giving off nasty poisonous vapors, so Rev shot it with a cold ray. Stor used his sword to fling it across the room, where the contents spilled out on the rock. The guy in yellow reappears, makes the rock walls disappear, and then he disappears. I took the pot that Mordaxis had picked up and plunged it into the pond to cool it off. Stor took the pot from me and smashed it into the ground. The man in yellow re-appeared and summoned a rock monster beneath Stor, which hit him. We pounded the rock monster until it crumbled to rocks.

The dude in yellow cast a spell, making Stor double over in pain, holding his head. Rev started the pagoda on fire with a firebolt. Rev countered a spell that the man in yellow was casting. I frightened him and then whacked him. After we beat on him for a bit, he disintegrated and a gong sound came from the teapot. Inside the teapot was a fist-sized chunk of jade. We continued to the sundial glade and rested.

We go NW. In a glade are six suites of gleaming plate mail surround the area. As we move through the clearing, two of the suits of armor raise swords and rush us! They didn’t take many hits to defeat each one, but there are a lot of them. As we defeat the last one, a fist-sized bloodstone rolls out of the helmet. As we fought off the last two, Mordaxis retrieved the bloodstone and headed for the exit.

We go NE. We find a mini-hedge-maze within the larger hedge-maze. How meta. A gorgon crashes out of the hedges and attacks! It spit mist at us, disgorging a diamond on the ground. Eventually, Rev disintegrated it, but the diamond disappeared. We explored the maze more, were attacked by another gorgon. I abjured it, and it cowered in fear. while we collected the diamond and left the maze.

Finally, we figured out the maze puzzle. It took too long and was annoying.

We are at the base of the tower, where there is a teleportation circle and a dead mage.



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