Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 20 - Lorea

Adventure Log 2015-12-15

We rested for an hour after our fight. Continue explorations found a stockroom with food and booze. 8 bottles of Evermead (100gp/bottle) go into the Bag of Holding along with a ration restock.

Fine living in a rough stone chamber with a fancy rustic bed and a chest waiting to kill us. Since Stor isn’t here to set off any traps, we let Natalia do that this time. She got bathed in acid when she stepped on a glyph in front of the chest. Good times. Inside the chest:

1000 gp
3 potions
cloak (magic)

Feng noticed a concealed door behind a tapestry. The rest of us apparently missed it because we were too busy cringing away from the chest. There’s a shrine to Fenmirel Mestorine, elven god of solitude, outcasts, and scapegoats in the concealed room. Next to it is a writing desk with Melanvane’s journal, from which we learned that the green dragon mask has been taken to the Well of Dragons.

More exploring finds us in a huge room, 150 foot diameter, 60 feet high. A green dragon rises from the pond off to the side. Poison cloud breath – ouch. Rev hit Natalia and I with a haste spell. Wall of thorns cutting off Rev, Feng, and I from the group. Feng cut through it with his giant sword. Natalia and I moved up to attack, doing some serious damage. It took me down to 4 hp before jumping away into the water. Natalia ran over and jumped in the water after the dragon while I healed myself, then ran and jumped on the back of the dragon. We continued pounding on the dragon as it tried to get away from us. Mordaxis created a gate from 100 feet away to near the edge of the pool and stepped through. Feng ran through the gate and dived into the water to attack. Rev shot it with a cold orb. I called “Bahamut guide my blade!” and drove it into the dragon’s neck, slaying it.

Dragon’s hoard:

10 gold bars
10 pp
120 gp
2400 sp
8000 cp
2 potions

After some resting and Mordaxis doing some identifying of the magic items that we’ve found here, we distributed them:

Belt of Hill Giant strength – Lorea
Potion of greater healing – Stor
Potion of gaseous form – Stor
Potion of diminution – Stor
Potion of invulnerability – Feng
Cloak of protection +1 – Rev
Necklace of displacement – Mordaxis

We headed back to town to be greeted by a Council meeting.

Lord Neverember now has a tiefling sitting with him, Riann Nightshade
Anthar Froon greets us warmly, doesn’t seem to like Neverember’s Tiefling
Lady Silverhand is again annoyed that we didn’t bring back prisoners. Hello, dragon slayers on the loose do not take prisoners!

The metallic dragon’s are sending one of each type to help the humanoids. For some reason, it is up to us to decide where the dragons are going to help the humanoid races.

The elves are pissed because they have to apologize. The dwarves are pissed that they have to apologize. Surprise.

The magicians are pissed that we agreed to give up the dragon masks for study then destruction.

Basically, everyone is pissed.

There is discussion of what locations have the worst chromatic dragon problem.

Romalia thinks that we should send a dragon to help gather intelligence.

characteristics of metallic dragons that we know:
Brass – desert, garulous
Bronze – coastal
Copper – pranksters and riddlers
Gold – Powerful and majestic
Silver – Friendly and social

A note from Harpers: an offer from a cultist to get us the blue dragon mask. Apparently it’s in Xonthal’s Tower, guarded by a small group of mages.

Thunderspell gives us a crystal ball that we can use to teleport back to Waterdeep’s teleportation ring.

Three Red Wizards are escorted into the room. They are not the good guys. Nil Illmeck (Red Wizard leader) invites the council to send an envoy (us) to Thay to coordinate efforts against the chromatic dragons. Apparently, Sastam, the Lich leader of the Red Wizards, wants all the exiled wizards that are helping the cultists killed.

We are dismissed. Romalia starts calling for immediate action as we leave.

Leosin comes to our quarters to talk about Thay. It’s a giant windswept plateau ruled by wizards. There are undead everwhere. Necromancers are top of the social ladder. Their politics is complicated and cutthroat.

First we are going to Xonthal’s tower to get the Blue Dragon Mask.

We take a teleport to the Misty Forest to get us closer to Xonthal’s Tower. We travel through forest, over dale, next to loud water, and to the Tower. First impression is of a giant tower with no windows except for one opening with a platform about 100 feet up the tower. Surrounding the base of the tower is a hedge maze several hundred yards in radius. Rumor has it that if you go in the maze, you don’t come out.

There’s a small town near the entrance to the maze. We headed into town to scout. We bought lots of drinks for people and heard lots of tales. For 20 years or so, it was quiet, but lately there have been lights. Some say Xonthal is back as a lich. One guy claims there is a blue dragon flying around. Apparently there’s some magical barrier protecting the tower, so it can only be approached through the maze (no going over or under the maze).

As we approach the gate to the maze, a human male approaches the balcony in the tower and holds up what looks like a blue mask. He yells that he took the mask and will be hiding under the tower. He holds up something shimmering and yells that this is the key to get to the under tower area, and he’s going to leave it for us. Now we just have to fight our way through the the maze, into the tower, find the key, get to the basement, and then rescue our contact. I’m sure that will all go smoothly. . .



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