Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 18 - Lorea

Adventure Log 2015-11-17

We’re hanging out in our rooms in the Waterdeep Palace when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Reverence. I wonder what demonic Tiefling activities she’s been up to for the last several months? At least she doesn’t radiate evil.

When we’re out at the pub, we hear that a Masked Lord of Waterdeep was assassinated. His identity is now known to be the husband of the Harper representative on the Council, Ramalia. The next morning, Leosin appears at our door and asks us to come and meet with Ramalia. She reveals that her husband was investigating the black dragon mask. When he was killed, they took the dragon mask. Harper scouts report from the Well of Dragons that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of dragons as well as cultists. There are also reports of demons and devils working together.

The Council will meet tomorrow. The Open Lord of Waterdeep has been changed to Lady Larel Silverhand, a badass magician who was granted magical power directly by the goddess of Magic.

Lord Dagald – now representing Neverwinter
Ambassador Konrad from Dwarves
Marshall Older from Baldur’s Gate
King Mellendrak – Elves of the Misty forest
Karn Hornblade from city of Silverymoon
Sir Istvall from Cormere
Ramalia from Harpers
Anthar Froon from the Order of the Guantlet
Delan Winterhound from Emerald Enclave

Mordaxis volunteers to speak for the group. He gives a report on our retrieval of the dwarf from the snake dudes. After that, the council argues about the disposition of the dwarf. The dwarves want him tried and executed, Anthar Froon wants to convert him to be a good guy, and everyone else decides to interrogate him before sending him back to the dwarves. Then they ask about Magrath the Crimson. Mordaxis tells that story. As a result, the Arcane Brotherhood has offered their services to the council. Anthar Froon apparently hates the Arcane Brotherhood.

A young(?) silver-haired elf, Alea, comes in to deliver an invitation to this council to send a representative to the metallic dragons as they decide whether they are going to help us. After a bunch of argument, they finally decide that Sir Lorea and his companions are going to represent the council. Delan Winterhand objects.

Lady Silverhand wants to come with us on our trip. Alea is informed that we are going with her.

We assemble in a parade square, where a crowd has gathered. Suddenly, over the square come a blue and a red dragon. Alea jumps up and turns into a silver dragon that attacks the blue dragon. Lady Larel used her magic to cause the red dragon’s breath to pass around us, and then rose into the air to chase it.

Suddenly, two 8 foot tall spikey, stoney-looking, gray-skinned creatures with bat wings and battle-axes appear out of thin air and attack us. Nat takes a couple of nasty bleeding wounds from claw hits. I moved over to defend Mordaxis. Rev cast haste on me and Feng and somehow looks a little tiny bit younger. Feng hits it with a mighty blow. I moved over to defend Rev after she took some nasty hits.

One of the insect creatures vomited a cloud of noxious fumes all over Mordaxis, Rev, and me. I’m taking terrible damage from the cloud of fumes. Nat and Feng fought the two stony guys until they fled.

Mordaxis took down the insect-creature in front of him, and Feng moved in to finish off the one that I’d taken off of Rev. When the guy who had glided in on wings got close enough, he blasted me with a ray of fire, but Rev did something mystical that caused the blast coming straight at me to miss.

Feng, Nat and I moved in and pounded the bad guy to pudding. As soon as he went down, we were enveloped in darkness and suddenly we were under attack again. The two stony guys were back! Mordaxis used his magic to dispell the darkness, but it also outlined Feng in a violet fire.

The red and blue dragon fled. The crowd cheers!

Lady Silverhand tells us that they were Yugoloths attacking us. They are a sort of interplaner mercenaries.

Alea turns into a Silver dragon and we ride her for 2 days north. Despite the cold, we are kept warm by the presence of Alea and we notice that the countryside is terribly damaged with villages burned all over the place. We end up at a giant cavern in the sheer side of a mountain. There is no way to access this place without flying. It’s ancient, with apartments for humanoids.

We start meeting with dragons.

Namur, a bronze dragon, introduces himself and tells us that there are other dragons who will doubt my story. He says that he’s probably the most likely to look on us favorably.

Atari Liacarnos (Elea in dragon form) summons us into her chamber, and asks us to convince her. She thinks that maybe we can’t work together, even though we have the same objective. Her aunt was hunted by the Dwarves and her skin made into armor. She wants her aunt’s remains back from the dwarves and an apology from the dwarf lords, and then she will vote yes.

Tas Makila, female copper dragon. She thinks that metallic dragons should strike before the chromatic dragons get too powerful. She claims that Mordaxis’s fire staff was stolen from her hoard. She would be much more likely to help us if he gave back the staff. Mordaxis struggled with the decision, but in the end gave the staff to the dragon. She’s now leaning toward approving our alliance.

Ileuthra, ancient brass dragon. We know that his name is associated with being a seeker of knowledge. He asks if we would be leading the attack. He wants the dragon masks to study. He agrees to study them and destroy them. He’s willing to share with us where they came from so that we can maybe destroy the source.

Protenthor, ancient gold dragon, leader of the council, former King of Justice. He thinks that humanoids should be penned in and prevented from doing harm with power that they don’t understand and control. He wants a formal apology from Elvenkind for the Dracorage debacle then he will refrain from vetoing an alliance.

We’re better at smashing things than negotiating. I hope we didn’t screw this up too badly.



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