Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 4

The return of Langdedrosa

We spent a couple of days recovering, training, and gearing up. Natali has acquired some new tattoos on her hands. Reverence has reappeared (sleep with one eye open).

Leosin called us all together and asked us to go back to the camp and figure out what their plans are and what’s in the cave. He’s going to Elterel, about 9 days’ journey away to meet with Anthar Froon. He will meet us there.

After gearing up, we headed out for the bandit camp about dusk. The trail is familiar at this point, and we came across the corpses of the two bandits that we left tied up to a tree the last time we passed this way – oops, should have sent someone to check on them.

The plan seems to be that most of us are going to scout around the top of the bluff to support Mordaxis as he enters the camp invisible. The camp is empty except for one campfire burning in front of one of the smaller huts. Mordaxis went to the command hut, and then checked out the cave, where he found a couple of dudes in leather armor with dual scimitars.

Mordaxis and I walked up and shared a wineskin with the hunter. He told us that everyone packed up and left except some kobolds, guards, the “purple chick,” one of the dragon dudes and some guards. They are still paying for hunters to bring meat back and send it into the cave, so he and his buddy are doing that.

Connor started making whispery noises at some grass near the command tent. Apparently the grass is happy that it’s not being stomped. It tells him that everyone left the morning after we had our adventures here.

We went to the cave, nobody was there. I entered the cave and went about 30 feet to see if anyone was there. I called out, but nobody answered. We went further into the cave, when two figures with scimitars leaped from their hiding place, surprising us. More bad guys boiled out of an entry ahead of us, charging for an attack. After a fight that involved arrows, a giant web, some fire, and lots of Stor shooting at us we defeated the bad guys, with the last two running away.

We followed the last two guards through several twisted passages and a room that looked like a barracks. We came upon a room with the two guards, now healed, and a woman dressed in purple (probably the “Purple Chick” that the hunter mentioned). She turned and immediately cast a spell at me, making me freeze in place. Everyone was stuck in the corridor behind me until I managed to throw off the paralysis, allowing us to move into the room, quickly dispatching the two guards. Mordaxis cast a spell that brought forth an arc of lightning between him and the woman in purple. When Natali and I tried to move in to attack her, we were both incapacitated by demons that did terrible damage to us as soon as we got close to her. Finally, the combination of the lightning that Mordaxis held on her, and some arrows and a dart thrown by Natali that finally knocked her out.

What we found in this room:
100 gp
Purple robes
Maps indicating that the plunder they had gathered was being shipped west to the coast then north.

Mordaxis discovered a hole in the floor that dropped him down a 30 foot deep to a 5 foot wide corridor. We explored the deep caves, and found a cavern with four guys in skins carrying axes and the half blue dragon that I fought outside the keep at Greenest. Langadosora pointed at me and said “you and me” and started running toward me. I fought Langadosora while my companions fought the cave men. It was an epic fight, and we ended up with Natali, Mordaxis, and Connor unconscious by the time I finally took out that dragon-blooded bastard.

The large room had dragons carved into the walls. One of them is of a large, five headed dragon climbing from a volcano. There was a small, elaborately carved chest in front of the elaborate dragon carving. Stor tried to open the chest, which set off a hissing sound and the room began to fill with nasty fumes and spitting, nasty liquid coming from holes in
the wall and ceiling. Connor, Natali, Stor, and I went down under the onslaught of the fumes and acidic liquid. With 4 of the 6 of us down, we decided it was time to rest.

Lorea out. For now.



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