Tyranny of Dragons

The final battle

Everyone is here for the big event.

Lady Silveryhand comes to us and gives us a journal. Anything we write in it will be mirrored in another copy that will be in Zanthal’s tower. Command word: Avocado. One use only (we can’t erase pages and reuse them). She gives us a brooch with a jade center and tells us that we should push and hold it if all seems lost.

Finally, after another seemingly interminable time waiting to teleport, we end up at Zanthal’s tower. Romalia is there waiting for us. She wants to go over our mission again:

We are to lie low and report on troop dispositions. We need to not be captured so that we can be ready to disrupt the ritual during the attack. Analysis of the scrolls has indicated that a structure tied to Tiamat is required for the ritual. She gives us a scroll of earthquake that may be useful.

We set out on the 500 mile journey. The closer we get to the Well of Dragons, the more desolate the landscape becomes. After a week, we are passing farmers seeking refuge. After two weeks, we are spending time every day hiding from dragon patrols.

Finally, we see the Well of Souls, a smoking Caldera. There is now traffic heading to the Well, people bringing supplies, people wearing purple to identify themselves as cultists.

There are two main roads that approach the vulcano, one from the NE and one from the SE. There is a lot of traffic on the road from the SW. Large numbers of prisoners are being escorted in.

Mordaxis, Feng, and Natali scouted the edge of the caldera under cover of an invisibility magic cast by Mordaxis. There is constant dragon traffic here. Below them is a pit or gash in the interior of the caldera. Most of the interior of of the caldera is lined with dragon bones, so the ground can’t be seen. there are dozens or hundreds of dragons. There is an area opposite (on the NE side) where the dragon bones have been cleared and there’s a bunch of guard drakes and men in leather armor guarding a cave.

There are up to 6 red mages wandering among the dragons. They may be searching or marking, or something. There don’t seem be roads entering the caldera, and there are no ramps or stairs or anything.

on the way back down, they came across a lava tube.

Over the next couple of days, we scout the roads and discover that they disappear into lava tubes in the side of the volcano. There are 6 lava tubes that the people are using.

We moved into the lava tube that Mordaxis and company had found earlier. We argued incessantlly about whether we should further explore or wait for some reason or other. We ended up taking a long rest at the entrance like frightened children. It heads generally north and down. There’s branching in the tube, and there seems to be disturbances here, and some large footprints.

Stor and Natali scouted east and the rest of us waited at the branching. Stor found a crossroads. There is heavy traffic in all directions there, except where we are. A red wizard passes right by Stor.

After exploring to the north, Stor finds himself at the bottom of the gash that they saw from the rim of the caldera.

We figured that the cave being protected on the north side is the site of the ritual, so we decided to scout up that way.

As we were scouting, I tripped, sending up a cloud of dust. Mordaxis cast invisibility on me, but a dragon swooped down to investigate and caused Feng, Stor, and Rev to cower in fear. He/It didn’t find us, and a human guard nearby also didn’t find us.

There are covered wagons going into six tubes, empty wagons coming out.

Mordaxis and someone else scout the rim of the caldera at dawn, mid-day and dusk every day. on the second morning of watching, five wizards of Thay perform a ritual in the center of the caldera, bringing forth a super-tall five-sided red tower. No less than 15 red wizards go out of the tunnels and into the new tower. Followed by a man in gem-encrusted purple robes.

About five hours later, all of the dragons rose from the caldera and headed off to the north. Rev disguised us as wizards of Thay using magic and we headed into the main tunnel carrying traffic into the side of the vulcano. There’s a giant cavern filled with mountains of gold, gems, silver, and treasures. It’s a 100’ by 200’ cavern filled with more treasure than we could imagine. There’s a couple of guards and giant, naked monsters. They tell us to get back to the tower.

At the exit into the caldera, there are creatures not of this earth. Triple-jointed insectoid devils standing next to four guard-drakes. About 1/2 way between the cave and the tower, we hear an evil chanting and see a nasty glow. Mordaxis pulled out the scroll of earthquake and read it, centering it on the tower. The tower cracks open, and there is a howling from within, but the chanting continues.

The devils and the drakes all spring into action against us. As they run toward us, they each throw a fireball at Mordaxis and me, both missing. Mordaxis abjures them, and both of the devils blink out of existence. As we are beating down the drakes, a huge, epic red dragon lands about 120 feet away to the north. Mordaxis opened the door to the tower, seeing a couple of red wizards, one of which is doing some sort of ritual.

Suddenly, a streak of gold comes hits the red dragon, and turns into a gold dragon. It yells “stop the ritual you fools!” and attacks the red dragon.

I ran into the room with the two wizards, attacked one of them, and fell on my face in front of them. Mordaxis used his magic to fire a ray of pure death at the fancy wizard (not chanting), who took a knee, but didn’t die. The wizard strode toward Mordaxis saying “Do you fools think that you can stop Tiamat, my master Severen will never allow it!” Eight more wizards enter the room.

Nat ran into the room, stunning the guy doing the ritual. We could sense the ritual breaking to either side of him and above him. Stor put an arrow through his head, killing him.

I moved to attack the red wizard who threatened us, but it was apparently an illusion, because my sword passed through him three times. Suddenly he appeared off to the side and sent a cone of cold at Feng, Nat, and me. Nat ran over and punched him in the face, killing him. Suddenly, two other red wizards appeared, said something about the rebels, and disappeared with four unharmed wizards and six dead wizards.

An undead with armor and slits instead of a nose came into the room, Feng and I immediately attacked it. Mordaxis and Rev cast spells at the floating guy, killing him. The vampire or whatever, attacked Feng, causing necrotic damage. Finally Feng killed him.

We moved to the central spire, and there’s a gem-encrusted, purple-robed dude floating 100 feet above the ground. He throws fire at Mordaxis, but Bahamut is protecting Mordaxis, so the damage is minimal. Feng shot one of the ritualists, killing him. Then the purple-robed dude wrapped me in chains of fire. I implored Bahamut to free me from the chains, and then moved over to Mordaxis so that he could levitate me toward the purple guy.

Feng took out another dude with arrows, while Natali and Stor attacked another. The purple dude sent a ball of fire down to strike Feng and wrapped Natali in chains of fire. Mordaxis took out another of the wizards.

Natali broke free of the chains of fire with pure strength. The rest of the wizards on the ground die, but then a writhing portal opens 50 feet above the ground, and a five-headed dragon wriths through the portal. A black dragon head pokes out and shoots acid at the purple-robed dude, killing him before I can get there to kill him myself.

Mordaxis dropped me on the black dragon head, and I invoked the wrath of Bahamut and drove my glowing sword infused with the mighty holy power of my god into the evil black head of Tiamat. Feng shot the last of our dragon slaying arrows at the black head, doing a lot of damage. More heads come out of the portal, spewing poison gas and fire. We fought valiantly, until Stor took the brooch and pressed the gem in desperation.

Lady Silveryhand appears next to Stor. Finally, the white head pops out, and Tiamat’s terrible body comes through the portal, dropping to the ground and all five heads cried “Finally, the transition is complete, now I need to regain power!”

Lady Silveryhand casts apparently three spells at the same time. Two of the heads breath on Lady Silveryhand and those around her, imparting terrible damage even though she has a globe of protection. Feng fell to the ground, apparently dead, but managed to fight through the pain to rise with his great sword and strike at Tiamat.

I drove my sword into the head beneath me with a final desperate call to Bahamut, imparting all of my remaining magic into the blow. There was a pause as the black head that I was riding fell to the earth and the remaining heads cried “So close, noooooo” as Tiamat faded into oblivion.

I fell to my knees in praise of Bahamut as the rest of the group began bandaging wounds and checking on each other. With the silence inside, we could now hear the battle raging, but we knew that the true battle was over, and we had won. I decided in that moment to dedicate the rest of my life to cleansing the Well of Dragons of it’s evil stain and rededicating it to the glory of Bahamut.

Episode 22 - Nat
Adventure Log 2016-02-09

Travel Log of Natali Starag.

After exiting the tower and returning to town we are greeted as heroes. We get horses and ride to the teleportation circle. We’re back in Waterdeep. The council is currently in session. Tomorrow we are to meet with them. On our way to our quarters we are met by the creepy pale bald man, wizard of Thay. He reminds us of our mission to travel to Thay to meet with the Tharcion (a regional leader). He has to wait until we meet with the council. The wizard is pissy about it.

The 10 representatives are present including the Tiefling (at the table) and the silver dragon in elvish form (not at the table, observing). We are questioned about slaying two dragons at once. Mordaxis brandishes the eyes dramatically. They move to send us to Thay. We are dismissed. We meet up with the creepy wizard. He teleports us there. He is adjunct Nyh-Ilmec.

Thay is warmer, arid, darker. Black clouds fill the sky. There are few plants. It’s a bleak reddish desert. We are taken to a keep and some quarters. They have skeletons and zombies for servants. Creepy. We are left there to wait to be summoned. There is a bell if we need anything. There are 4 bedrooms and a common room with nice food. Our unit is in the corner on the second flooring looking out on the bleakness. We see mountains in one direction, the terrain dips out of site in another, perhaps down. We see a road with wagons bringing supplies. We wait for several hours, maybe 10. I eat some of the food as does Rev. It seems fine. Feng and Mordaxis will have none of it. We pass the time playing dice games and doing impersonations of Lorea. Our food is changed by skeleton servants twice. Creepy.

We are taken before the Tharcion. It’s a large hall and the Tharcion Izeldra Yeth sits on a bone throne. She is flanked by 10 red wizards and 6 wights in armor with unsheathed glowing swords. Quite a show of power. The adjunct leaves. Our papers, showing our designation as representatives, are closely examined by the Tharcion. She addresses us. We have a common enemy. The King of Thay wants all renegade red wizards killed. Those renegades have joined the dragons to help with their ritual. We are to find the enemy and ascertain their strength and location. The forces of Thay will deal with the rogue wizards and then depart. We are each questioned by the Tharcion trying to determine the strength and resources of the sword coast. She seems pleased and dismisses us but not before looking at us very intensely. Very strange. We are to finish in the morning.

We return to our chambers in good spirits. We are greeted with some good spirits, wine, provided for us. I find it too good and can’t remember exactly what happened. I fear I was recounting how I came to Leosin. That was such a terrible time. Never again will I be weak and defenseless. I am like the wind now, swift and strong. The wine bested me and fell into slumber.

Sleep, actually the night, was terrible. I don’t think I actually got any sleep. I had this terrible nightmare of being in cauldron bound with living chains surrounded by 12 red wizards. They kept berating me with questions. When they did not like my answer, oh the pain, it was unbearable. They asked: Why did I come to Thay? What do I know of Severen? How do they plan to bring back Tiamat? What do I know of Rath Modar? Which of the council has pledged support? Who did Mordaxis make an oath to? Where is the ritual to be performed? What do I think of Zas Tam? It ends. Finally I am free of the terror. I am in my bed. Soaked in sweat. There is blood around me but no wounds to show. The same nightmare was had by Feng and Rev. Mordaxis, not needing rest, was spared.

We summon the adjunct and complain. He blames the dream on our frail nature. There is no blame to be had by Thay. We are taken to Tarcion. She rejects the alliance. We are not reliable and not powerful enough. They will forge ahead on their own. We leave. I need sleep. I feel awful.

We debrief Leosin. We are visited by the Tiefling, Rian Nightshade. She represents the Zentarim – a mysterious assassin moblike group that is the dark underside of Waterdeep. She extends greetings from the halfling that aided us back on the caravan, so long ago now. She has been brought by Lord Dagolt. She heard of our conquering of the tower. The council has been talking about what to do with the tower. By right of conquest it is ours but the council is debating if since we were on a mission for them that they own it. She offers to buy it from us. 50,000 gold. Mordaxis drives a hard bargain and wants more, or at least a fire staff. She can only offer 75,000 gold if we get the council to support the Zentarim. We decline. We get some sleep.

The next day we go to the council. They say the decision is ours on the tower. It is a useful staging location for the assault on the well of the dragon. It is 3/4 of the way there. We decide to give it to the Harpers. Next we need to assign the dragons. We assign brass to the Order of the Gauntlet (Feng’s group). Bronze to Neverwinter. Copper to Corneer. Gold to the misty forest. Silver to Waterdeep. Othar is unhappy. Rev relays our experience at Thay. Then this sound, which existed only as faint background noise, gets louder, everywhere. The council is alarmed and they end the meeting.

We hear the noise everywhere. Underground. Outside. This is very strange. The council reconvenes. It is the Dracohorn. No longer are dragons being called, they are being ordered to come. The ritual is mere days away. The silver dragon addresses the council. The blue mask we brought back is a fake. All the dragon masks are with the cult. On the bright side the giants have approached the dragons to join the fight. Led by the flying castle giant (hopefully he now has guards since we killed them all). The flying castle will be a troop transport for our forces and giant forces. Time for the council to vote. All but one, the dwarf, are in. 9 out of 10, not bad.

Rev suggests we go on a reconnaissance mission. Zanthal’s castle will be prepared for launching an assault. We are stocked with up to 5 healing potions (8d4+8) and cloaks of elvenkind (disadvantage on rolls to perceive wearer, and wearer has advantage on stealth rolls). We are given magical coins that allow us to talk to the council. We merely hold it and speak. Scryers are attuned to us so they will be following us. We are to find out the size of the forces, the access points to them, how far they are in the plans and to tell all of this to the council so the assault can launch.

The time has come to save the world. I have never been more ready.

Episode 21.5 Lorea

We stepped into the teleportation circle, and after about a second we appeared in a circular room. There is a body of a woman with a purple cult of the dragon robe, dead on the floor.

There are geometric designs all over the walls, and a metal plate on the wall, etched into it are 9 symbols: 1 chair, 2 chairs, hourglass, star, upside-down L, flame, rectangle, square, triangle

There are two balconeys about 8 feet up, with what seems like circular waiting rooms off of each balconey. We figured out that the two chairs symbol will teleport us to the balconey, and there’s a circle symbol in the railing that teleports one down to the main level. The one chair symbol seems to do nothing.

Feng pushed the rectagle symbol, which teleported us to a 60 foot wide circular chamber with a firepit in the middle of the room. The smoke rises from the fire, and seems to disappear into the ceiling, even though the ceiling is unbroken. There is a mostly complete dragon skeleton in the room and six guys in black robes who reach for their weapons.

One of them tried to run through us to the teleportation circle, and we cut him down. Rev was immobilized, but still managed to shoot a fireball at them. I moved up and took one of them out, Natali took out two, and Feng took the rest of them out.

There are notes about the bones are being cleaned and making sure each piece is properly accounted for.

hourglass symbol flashes blue, then red and nothing happens. The star symbol took us to an obvious mage’s workspace. The ceiling is a dome with a circular crystal embedded in it, and below is a complicated machine made of brass, mahogany, and crystal. There are three grad students in black robes and one guy in purple robes. Feng moved in and killed the guy with the purple robes after Mordaxis shot it with a fire bolt. I killed one of the grad students, and Natali tried to subdue another one. We managed to take one prisoner. Rev realized that they are mapping constellations that don’t match normal ones. We took the books and the prisoner, and found an hourglass pendant on the purple robed dude.

We touched the pendant to the hourglass symbol and teleported to a rectagular room. Three dead bodies lie in the room, stabbed, burned, and smashed. Exit that angles up and to the right. We follow the corridor, which has a blood smear on the floor from one of the bodies in the last room. In the next 40X40 room is a lot of blood, and bloody footsteps go off to the left. There’s a chest on a table, and three humanoid figures, two rocky and one flames.

As soon as I stepped into the room, they moved to attack. Feng stormed past me, bellowing his rage and engaged the fire guy and one of the stone dudes. Natali moved up next to me to engage the other stone man. We killed them.

We follow the bloody footsteps down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the wall stones fade away and the floor of the corridor seems to continue through infinite space, with stars all around. A meteor shower came straight at us, and everyone dodged it but me, so I was knocked off the path and into the darkness. Falling. When I landed, I was in a room with what appears to be a portal to a place of fire and a staff sticking out of the floor. When I touched the staff, it made the view through the portal skew around, but it’s so sensitive and it’s view seems to only be of fiery stuff, so I left it. There’s a secret door that I find, so I go through into a library. On the table is a map, which seems to be of the plane of fire. I took the map and that’s when Mordaxis appeared above me. We figured out how to open the secret door, and just when we did, all of the paper flew at us, causing lots of paper cuts before we exited back onto the path.

The others found the blue dragon mask in a dumbell room. They did not share any more details.

We found a room with an evil demonic being staring at a chess board. There’s a line of salt in front of the room keeping it in. We left it there.

We found an obvious mage’s work-room. There’s papers, braziers, alchemical equipment, etc. We spent a day in the lab resting while Mordaxis went through the notes and found that Xanthal was trying to create a new kind of elemental.

2X scroll of protection from fire elementals
1X scroll of protection from earth elementals

back to the teleportation circle. Flame rune takes us to a circular room with paintings of dracoliches. There’s a dragon skull and two claws on an altar. I rededicating the altar to Bahamut. There was notes about creating dracoliches. Mordaxis collected the notes.

Upside-down L symbol led to abandoned barracks.

Square symbol led to a decrepit bedchamber with a makeshift desk. There are a few notes about dracoliches.

Triangle sends us to sundail. There are clear line-of-sight exits to the village and back to the tower.

As we head back to the village, we hear a great roar and a bolt of lightning takes out a hut in the village. A blue dragon sails overhead and bellows that if we give it the mask it will let us live. I call upon Bahamut to strike it from the sky. It’s slowed, and lands in the village. As we run toward it, Rev cast haste on Feng and I. I called upon Bahamut to protect me from the lightning and Mordaxis used a scroll to do the same thing. Rev sped up Feng and I with his magic, but at the same time poisoned Mordaxis with some evil magic. Who is he working for?

As we closed with the blue dragon, a red dragon suddenly burst forth from a barn, bathing us in fire. It’s a trap! Natali managed to dodge out of the way of both the lightning and the fire while Feng and I both were badly hurt. We moved in to attack the blue dragon first, realizing that it is one that we encountered a long time ago and put an arrow in it’s eye.

I stopped the blue dragon from running away, and Feng fairly quickly dispatched it with his giant sword.

The red dragon moved in and attacked Feng, doing some serious damage. Natali and I moved in to support him while Rev bathed it in cold. The poison was debilitating Mordaxis. When the red dragon tried to back up to breath fire on us again, I pinned it in place and ended up taking the entire fire breath, reducing me to near death. Another round of fighting took me down, but gave Feng time to finish the beast off.

Two dragons at once. Bahamut rules, Tiamat drools!

Episode 21 - Lorea
Adventure Log 2015-12-29

We wandered through well-kept and well-tended hedges. They are very thick. Who is maintaining them? We came to a large clearing with a sundial in the middle and 8 exits at every point of the compass. We seem to have come in from the Northern exit, and the shadow on the sundial points South, even though the sun is in the East. We examined the sundial and then followed the shadow of the gnomon to the South. After walking for a while, we came back into the clearing from the North. Now there are two shadows, one pointing south and one west. We went west. After walking between 60 and 300 feet, we came to a giant clearing with a 60 foot diameter pool. In the middle of the pool, floating a foot above the water, is a garnet.

The pool is perfectly circular, it seems be a cylinder, with no bottom. Natalia ran across the pool, scooping up the gem on the way past. Two giant lobster-like creatures rose from the pool and chase her. We backed out of the clearing and the lobster creatures would not leave the clearing. We continued on to find ourselves back at the sundial.

We decided to go SW, we went for a while and ended up coming back to the sundial from the north, only now the shadows point S, NW, and NE.

We go North, and end up coming back to the sundial (from the north again). There are four shadows, and as we try to figure out where they are pointing we notice that the shadows are spinning. They spin faster and faster, shrinking into a point and disappearing.

We go S again and come to a huge clearing with a pasture, sheep, cottage, and two cyclops’s with shepherd’s crooks. As soon as we step into the clearing, everything starts moving. One of the cyclops’s comes over near us, grunts in giantish at us, then chucks a big boulder about 100 feet. I am unable to chuck a boulder that far, but Rev uses his telekinesis ability to lift a boulder, walk with it about 90 feet, then throw it past the other boulder. The boulder that the cyclops threw splits open to reveal a topaz, which we collect and put with the garnet from earlier.

We go E. We come to a fountain surrouded by beautiful flowers 8 feet in diameter that shimmer in the sun. When Natalia approaches the flowers, she notices that in the middle of each flower is a fist-sized pearl. Rev tried to levitate the pearl from a flower, but was unable to separate it from the flower. We tied a rope around Natalia, who reached in to retrieve the pearl. As soon as she pulled on the pearl, the petals closed around her and a scary thorn-filled mouth opened behind the pearl and bit her. The flower slammed her to the ground, stunning her.

Stor attacked the base of the flower. Mordaxis shot a blast, but hit the flower next to the one in question and woke it up. I couldn’t pull Natalia free, and now Stor has also been caught. Everyone continues beating it until we kill those two flowers and flee.

We go SE. 60’ wide pond with a pagoda built upon a boulder in the middle of the pond. A nice bridge crosses to the pagoda. A middle-aged human in yellow robes is standing in the pagoda, he bows to us, sits down, and indicates that we should join him. When we sit down, an iron teapot rises from the embers. He fills the kettle with water, adds leaves, and then we wait. Just as the water comes to a boil, he raises his arms, and the stone all around us rises to enclose us and he sinks into the stone.

The pot is giving off nasty poisonous vapors, so Rev shot it with a cold ray. Stor used his sword to fling it across the room, where the contents spilled out on the rock. The guy in yellow reappears, makes the rock walls disappear, and then he disappears. I took the pot that Mordaxis had picked up and plunged it into the pond to cool it off. Stor took the pot from me and smashed it into the ground. The man in yellow re-appeared and summoned a rock monster beneath Stor, which hit him. We pounded the rock monster until it crumbled to rocks.

The dude in yellow cast a spell, making Stor double over in pain, holding his head. Rev started the pagoda on fire with a firebolt. Rev countered a spell that the man in yellow was casting. I frightened him and then whacked him. After we beat on him for a bit, he disintegrated and a gong sound came from the teapot. Inside the teapot was a fist-sized chunk of jade. We continued to the sundial glade and rested.

We go NW. In a glade are six suites of gleaming plate mail surround the area. As we move through the clearing, two of the suits of armor raise swords and rush us! They didn’t take many hits to defeat each one, but there are a lot of them. As we defeat the last one, a fist-sized bloodstone rolls out of the helmet. As we fought off the last two, Mordaxis retrieved the bloodstone and headed for the exit.

We go NE. We find a mini-hedge-maze within the larger hedge-maze. How meta. A gorgon crashes out of the hedges and attacks! It spit mist at us, disgorging a diamond on the ground. Eventually, Rev disintegrated it, but the diamond disappeared. We explored the maze more, were attacked by another gorgon. I abjured it, and it cowered in fear. while we collected the diamond and left the maze.

Finally, we figured out the maze puzzle. It took too long and was annoying.

We are at the base of the tower, where there is a teleportation circle and a dead mage.

Episode 20 - Lorea
Adventure Log 2015-12-15

We rested for an hour after our fight. Continue explorations found a stockroom with food and booze. 8 bottles of Evermead (100gp/bottle) go into the Bag of Holding along with a ration restock.

Fine living in a rough stone chamber with a fancy rustic bed and a chest waiting to kill us. Since Stor isn’t here to set off any traps, we let Natalia do that this time. She got bathed in acid when she stepped on a glyph in front of the chest. Good times. Inside the chest:

1000 gp
3 potions
cloak (magic)

Feng noticed a concealed door behind a tapestry. The rest of us apparently missed it because we were too busy cringing away from the chest. There’s a shrine to Fenmirel Mestorine, elven god of solitude, outcasts, and scapegoats in the concealed room. Next to it is a writing desk with Melanvane’s journal, from which we learned that the green dragon mask has been taken to the Well of Dragons.

More exploring finds us in a huge room, 150 foot diameter, 60 feet high. A green dragon rises from the pond off to the side. Poison cloud breath – ouch. Rev hit Natalia and I with a haste spell. Wall of thorns cutting off Rev, Feng, and I from the group. Feng cut through it with his giant sword. Natalia and I moved up to attack, doing some serious damage. It took me down to 4 hp before jumping away into the water. Natalia ran over and jumped in the water after the dragon while I healed myself, then ran and jumped on the back of the dragon. We continued pounding on the dragon as it tried to get away from us. Mordaxis created a gate from 100 feet away to near the edge of the pool and stepped through. Feng ran through the gate and dived into the water to attack. Rev shot it with a cold orb. I called “Bahamut guide my blade!” and drove it into the dragon’s neck, slaying it.

Dragon’s hoard:

10 gold bars
10 pp
120 gp
2400 sp
8000 cp
2 potions

After some resting and Mordaxis doing some identifying of the magic items that we’ve found here, we distributed them:

Belt of Hill Giant strength – Lorea
Potion of greater healing – Stor
Potion of gaseous form – Stor
Potion of diminution – Stor
Potion of invulnerability – Feng
Cloak of protection +1 – Rev
Necklace of displacement – Mordaxis

We headed back to town to be greeted by a Council meeting.

Lord Neverember now has a tiefling sitting with him, Riann Nightshade
Anthar Froon greets us warmly, doesn’t seem to like Neverember’s Tiefling
Lady Silverhand is again annoyed that we didn’t bring back prisoners. Hello, dragon slayers on the loose do not take prisoners!

The metallic dragon’s are sending one of each type to help the humanoids. For some reason, it is up to us to decide where the dragons are going to help the humanoid races.

The elves are pissed because they have to apologize. The dwarves are pissed that they have to apologize. Surprise.

The magicians are pissed that we agreed to give up the dragon masks for study then destruction.

Basically, everyone is pissed.

There is discussion of what locations have the worst chromatic dragon problem.

Romalia thinks that we should send a dragon to help gather intelligence.

characteristics of metallic dragons that we know:
Brass – desert, garulous
Bronze – coastal
Copper – pranksters and riddlers
Gold – Powerful and majestic
Silver – Friendly and social

A note from Harpers: an offer from a cultist to get us the blue dragon mask. Apparently it’s in Xonthal’s Tower, guarded by a small group of mages.

Thunderspell gives us a crystal ball that we can use to teleport back to Waterdeep’s teleportation ring.

Three Red Wizards are escorted into the room. They are not the good guys. Nil Illmeck (Red Wizard leader) invites the council to send an envoy (us) to Thay to coordinate efforts against the chromatic dragons. Apparently, Sastam, the Lich leader of the Red Wizards, wants all the exiled wizards that are helping the cultists killed.

We are dismissed. Romalia starts calling for immediate action as we leave.

Leosin comes to our quarters to talk about Thay. It’s a giant windswept plateau ruled by wizards. There are undead everwhere. Necromancers are top of the social ladder. Their politics is complicated and cutthroat.

First we are going to Xonthal’s tower to get the Blue Dragon Mask.

We take a teleport to the Misty Forest to get us closer to Xonthal’s Tower. We travel through forest, over dale, next to loud water, and to the Tower. First impression is of a giant tower with no windows except for one opening with a platform about 100 feet up the tower. Surrounding the base of the tower is a hedge maze several hundred yards in radius. Rumor has it that if you go in the maze, you don’t come out.

There’s a small town near the entrance to the maze. We headed into town to scout. We bought lots of drinks for people and heard lots of tales. For 20 years or so, it was quiet, but lately there have been lights. Some say Xonthal is back as a lich. One guy claims there is a blue dragon flying around. Apparently there’s some magical barrier protecting the tower, so it can only be approached through the maze (no going over or under the maze).

As we approach the gate to the maze, a human male approaches the balcony in the tower and holds up what looks like a blue mask. He yells that he took the mask and will be hiding under the tower. He holds up something shimmering and yells that this is the key to get to the under tower area, and he’s going to leave it for us. Now we just have to fight our way through the the maze, into the tower, find the key, get to the basement, and then rescue our contact. I’m sure that will all go smoothly. . .

Episode 19 - Lorea
Adventure Log 2015-12-01

Before we have a chance to report to the council, we are accosted by Delan Winterhound, representative of the Emerald Enclave, who had approached us earlier to take care of a green dragon issue. He’s so hot for us to head out that he arranges a scribe for us to transcribe our testimony. We will be leaving in the morning.

Delan Winterhound arranges for us to use a teleportation circle to within a few days walk of Althand, the last town attacked by the green dragon that wasn’t quite completely destroyed. We passed through a village that had been destroyed. The trees are rotted and the buildings are destroyed. There are no people here.

We finally arrive at the village of Althand. We met a sentinal at the perimeter of the village. After we identified ourselves, we talked to the sentry about the attack. He said that the chief of the village and the priest were killed in the battle, along with many villagers. Galen organized a counter-attack against the dragon, came through the fight and is now the leader of the town. The town was simultaneously attacked by cultists. Some claim that that there was a rider on the dragon, maybe human. We talked to Galen, who told us his story. He claimed that he got a lucky hit on the dragon and drove it off. It seems that he may not be telling us the whole truth.

Mordaxis used his persuasiveness to convince Galen to give him the rest of the story. He tells Mordaxis that Nelanvane, the King’s long-lost son, was riding the dragon. He made a deal with Nelanvane to spare the village as long as he told them which of the other villages were weak and where they keep their treasure. He tells Mordaxis that the dragon comes from the SE and they meet at a clearing not far away.

We publicly left the village to “investigate.” We set up camp in the clearing for one night, then headed off to the SE. About midafternoon, we heard a crash and scream. We found an old crone trapped under a fallen tree. When we lifted the tree from her, it suddenly stood up and moved off. The old woman suddenly stands up, bowls us over with enthusiastic greetings, gives us garlands of flowers that she apparently pulled from thin air. She told that now “he won’t see you coming!” before turning into an owl and flying away.

We travelled another full day. Spiderweb is growing thicker. Stor got so freaked out that he got himself wrapped in the spiderweb and we had to calm him down. It attracted the attention of three tall, bipedal purple creatures with webbing between their claw-like hands. giant spiders the size of small ponies dropped from the canopy above us.

Nat, Feng, and I each took out one of the spiders surrounding us. We handily defeated them, spreading ichor around the woods. They all quickly died at our hands.

We found a trail headed in the right direction, and found a tall waterfall falling into a large pond. Natalia, using her necklace that allows her to breath water, explored the bottom of the pond. She found a cave behind the waterfall. After only a slightly overdeveloped plan, we made it into the cave, made our way down the slimey, slippery slope. At the bottom of the slope was a huge cavern with a lake. There is a mostly hidden door nearby that Feng notices. We open the door, to find three 10 foot tall creatures with two heads covered in rotting animal skins having an argument. The chamber is filled with the smoke from a fire in the middle of the chamber. I strode forward to offer them aid, while Mordaxis cast a spell that tied them into a knot and held them there. Since they are incredibly evil, I killed them. Mordaxis discovered that one of them was wearing a magic belt. We stashed it in my new bag of holding.

On a rickety stairway that goes up to a door we heard someone crying. We went through the doorway and found a group of elves cowering in a large cavern that overlooks the lake in the giant cavern. These are apparently prisoners of the dragon. We offered to escort them from the cave, but they are afraid that they’d get caught again and punished. There is an ancient shrine to Elvath, Goddess of Waterfalls. Mordaxis prayed, asking for Elvath’s blessing.

We followed a corridor north from the lake in the cavern, we came upon a group of humans and one humanoid with a scaly face wearing studded leather armor. As soon as they saw me, they cried “intruders!” Natalia moved in and beat one of them down immediately. Feng swept forward, killing one with one blow, but falling flat on his face. More humans and another scaley dude entered the meelee from behind us, but Mordaxis put many of the humans to sleep. A purple robed figure entered the fray from a side corridor and attacked Feng.

As we took down the scaley guys, the robed elf-like dude shot gas at Mordaxis, Natalia, and Stor. the gas killed the cultists left in the area.

Now that we could concentrate on the elf-dude, he didn’t last long. After the battle, we found some treasure:

30 gp
120 sp
23 ep
200 cp
silver bar

Episode 18 - Lorea
Adventure Log 2015-11-17

We’re hanging out in our rooms in the Waterdeep Palace when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Reverence. I wonder what demonic Tiefling activities she’s been up to for the last several months? At least she doesn’t radiate evil.

When we’re out at the pub, we hear that a Masked Lord of Waterdeep was assassinated. His identity is now known to be the husband of the Harper representative on the Council, Ramalia. The next morning, Leosin appears at our door and asks us to come and meet with Ramalia. She reveals that her husband was investigating the black dragon mask. When he was killed, they took the dragon mask. Harper scouts report from the Well of Dragons that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of dragons as well as cultists. There are also reports of demons and devils working together.

The Council will meet tomorrow. The Open Lord of Waterdeep has been changed to Lady Larel Silverhand, a badass magician who was granted magical power directly by the goddess of Magic.

Lord Dagald – now representing Neverwinter
Ambassador Konrad from Dwarves
Marshall Older from Baldur’s Gate
King Mellendrak – Elves of the Misty forest
Karn Hornblade from city of Silverymoon
Sir Istvall from Cormere
Ramalia from Harpers
Anthar Froon from the Order of the Guantlet
Delan Winterhound from Emerald Enclave

Mordaxis volunteers to speak for the group. He gives a report on our retrieval of the dwarf from the snake dudes. After that, the council argues about the disposition of the dwarf. The dwarves want him tried and executed, Anthar Froon wants to convert him to be a good guy, and everyone else decides to interrogate him before sending him back to the dwarves. Then they ask about Magrath the Crimson. Mordaxis tells that story. As a result, the Arcane Brotherhood has offered their services to the council. Anthar Froon apparently hates the Arcane Brotherhood.

A young(?) silver-haired elf, Alea, comes in to deliver an invitation to this council to send a representative to the metallic dragons as they decide whether they are going to help us. After a bunch of argument, they finally decide that Sir Lorea and his companions are going to represent the council. Delan Winterhand objects.

Lady Silverhand wants to come with us on our trip. Alea is informed that we are going with her.

We assemble in a parade square, where a crowd has gathered. Suddenly, over the square come a blue and a red dragon. Alea jumps up and turns into a silver dragon that attacks the blue dragon. Lady Larel used her magic to cause the red dragon’s breath to pass around us, and then rose into the air to chase it.

Suddenly, two 8 foot tall spikey, stoney-looking, gray-skinned creatures with bat wings and battle-axes appear out of thin air and attack us. Nat takes a couple of nasty bleeding wounds from claw hits. I moved over to defend Mordaxis. Rev cast haste on me and Feng and somehow looks a little tiny bit younger. Feng hits it with a mighty blow. I moved over to defend Rev after she took some nasty hits.

One of the insect creatures vomited a cloud of noxious fumes all over Mordaxis, Rev, and me. I’m taking terrible damage from the cloud of fumes. Nat and Feng fought the two stony guys until they fled.

Mordaxis took down the insect-creature in front of him, and Feng moved in to finish off the one that I’d taken off of Rev. When the guy who had glided in on wings got close enough, he blasted me with a ray of fire, but Rev did something mystical that caused the blast coming straight at me to miss.

Feng, Nat and I moved in and pounded the bad guy to pudding. As soon as he went down, we were enveloped in darkness and suddenly we were under attack again. The two stony guys were back! Mordaxis used his magic to dispell the darkness, but it also outlined Feng in a violet fire.

The red and blue dragon fled. The crowd cheers!

Lady Silverhand tells us that they were Yugoloths attacking us. They are a sort of interplaner mercenaries.

Alea turns into a Silver dragon and we ride her for 2 days north. Despite the cold, we are kept warm by the presence of Alea and we notice that the countryside is terribly damaged with villages burned all over the place. We end up at a giant cavern in the sheer side of a mountain. There is no way to access this place without flying. It’s ancient, with apartments for humanoids.

We start meeting with dragons.

Namur, a bronze dragon, introduces himself and tells us that there are other dragons who will doubt my story. He says that he’s probably the most likely to look on us favorably.

Atari Liacarnos (Elea in dragon form) summons us into her chamber, and asks us to convince her. She thinks that maybe we can’t work together, even though we have the same objective. Her aunt was hunted by the Dwarves and her skin made into armor. She wants her aunt’s remains back from the dwarves and an apology from the dwarf lords, and then she will vote yes.

Tas Makila, female copper dragon. She thinks that metallic dragons should strike before the chromatic dragons get too powerful. She claims that Mordaxis’s fire staff was stolen from her hoard. She would be much more likely to help us if he gave back the staff. Mordaxis struggled with the decision, but in the end gave the staff to the dragon. She’s now leaning toward approving our alliance.

Ileuthra, ancient brass dragon. We know that his name is associated with being a seeker of knowledge. He asks if we would be leading the attack. He wants the dragon masks to study. He agrees to study them and destroy them. He’s willing to share with us where they came from so that we can maybe destroy the source.

Protenthor, ancient gold dragon, leader of the council, former King of Justice. He thinks that humanoids should be penned in and prevented from doing harm with power that they don’t understand and control. He wants a formal apology from Elvenkind for the Dracorage debacle then he will refrain from vetoing an alliance.

We’re better at smashing things than negotiating. I hope we didn’t screw this up too badly.

Episode 17 - Lorea
Adventure Log 2015-11-03

As soon as we stepped out of the door into the hallway after resting for an hour, the door locked behind us and a bunch of lizardfolk and snake-headed guys ambushed us. Nat moved to attack the snake-headed guys behind us, but they convinced her that she needed to run further to look for the bad-guys. She ran further down the hall and into a room full of serious badness before coming to her senses.

I blinked behind the group of lizardfolk to attack the snake-headed bad-guys behind them.

Feng managed to impale Mordaxis with his sword and then Mordaxis sucked the life from one of the snake-heads.

These lizardfolk seem stronger than the ones we’ve fought before. They have managed to hit both Feng and Natali.

I called upon Bahamut to smite the snake-headed monster in front of me, but I managed to stab myself in the foot.

Finally, we killed all of the ambushing bad-guys.

Using Nat’s intel from when she scouted ahead, we know that the dwarf is on an evil altar, unconscious, and there is a giant snake with arms looming over him. When we entered the room, the snake offered to let us take the dwarf, and said that the dwarf’s soul would be returned when we left. I detected evil, but decided that this snakey dude is totally reasonable and we should listen totally go with his plan. Mordaxis used his magic to remove my compulsion to agree with the snake guys and we attacked.

The snake dude picked up the unconscious dwarf and held an evil knife up to his neck. Mordaxis created a flaming wall to separate one side of the bad-guys from the others. He then caused tentacles to grow from the ground and restrain many of the bad guys.

I am suddenly covered in tiny poisonous snakes. In an attempt to get them off of me, I jumped through Mordaxis’ flaming wall to burn them off. I was attacked by a guy with snakes for arms, who missed me and fell into the wall of flames, burning up.

Nat managed to stumble, loosing her balance but not quite falling down, but opening herself up to an attack. The big snake-dude did not cut the throat of the dwarf, but dropped him to move forward and support two of his minions.

Mordaxis spewed fire from his staff, frying three of the evil-doers and killing one of them. Nat and Feng continued killing the bad-guys one by one while I fixated the largest guy and kept him busy until he attacked me with a bite, scimitar and a giant tail that took me down. By that time, Feng, Stor, and Nat had worked through the less powerful evil and finished off the Large snake dude. I need to buy Nat a medical kit, she’s always using hers to stabilize me.

Nat managed to find that one of the statues could move aside, revealing some treasure and a tunnel leading into darkness.

800 gp
100 pp
2 cloudy emeralds – 1000 gp
necklace of 22 beads 440gp
2 scrolls – call lightning and levitation

Nat scouted the tunnel, finding that it’s 300 feet long and that there is a secret exit carefully hidden behind bushes and stuff. Our guides were still waiting for us.

The representative of the Emerald Enclave came and told us that the Misty Forest has been attacked by a green dragon, which the elves drove off. The dragon had a rider, which they think is a Wyrm Speaker (whatever that is). He wants us to travel to Altand, the last village attacked by the dragon and investigate.

We have given him a commitment to go dragon-hunting, pending a countervaling order from the Council, which is appparently finally going to get their shit together and make a decision – maybe.

Episode 16 - Lorea (Lorea's no good very bad day)
Adventure Log 2015-10-20

I followed the rest of the group to an abandoned temple. The guardian statues outside asked what I seek, and I answered “my companions.” I entered the temple, and there were statues of wizards with deep blackness under their cowls. The whispers in my mind told me all the secrets of creation until I fell unconscious. I awoke in a room with a well and a trough.

I followed a hallway down at a steep angle, discovering a secret panel and a floor plate. At the bottom of the hallway where my companions. They have apparently been in a terrible fight.

After exchanging news, we continued down a hallway and found a 12 foot tall dude with a flowing white beard sitting in a chair. He said that to get the wisdom of Diderious, we need to leave our offering and depart. Mordaxis and Natalia left a sapphire and money in the pile of treasure at the large human’s feet and we moved on.

Mordaxis entered a room without us, and found five guys playing a card game. We talked to them, and they emanated intense evil. It turns out that they are devils and they serve the dwarf that we seek. Feng gave them a sapphire to get them to tell us where the dwarf went. Apparently they were instructed to follow his orders to the letter, and he brought them here to find a divination pool. They killed a bunch of undead, then he ordered them to stay in this room. The dwarf went thataway.

There’s a room with an empty pool. A dead human cultist is here, pierced by many arrows marked with the sigil of the God Mershulk, who is worshipped by the Yuan-ti.

Stor was able to figure out that the arrows came from a double door, and opposite that is a double door that’s bulging as if under great pressure. I studied the bulging door, and figured out that this door is exactly opposite the copper-clad bulging door that we saw on the way in. I opened the door, and was almost buried under tons of rubble and rock. There’s so much that it didn’t even empty out the room.

Through the other doors, we found a giant sarcophagus that spoke to us and told us that it is Diderious in repose. The Yuan-ti took the dwarf through the portal that he will open for us. A ten-foot wide area of stone wall began to rise into the ceiling, revealing 3 Yuan-ti and 6 lizard-folk. They look surprised to see us appearinng through the stone wall.

Natali asked them where the dwarf in purple is. They didn’t respond to her inquiry. When Natali moved close to them, one of them looked at her and made her to run away.

Feng shot one of the Yuan-ti with two arrows, and Mordaxis hit them with crackling energy. Natali returned from running away, and was bitten by one of the Yuan-ti. Feng cut one of them down with a couple of blows of his mighty sword. Natali and Feng engaged them in close combat, with me protecting Natali as best I could with my shield. Mordaxis shot Natali in the back of the head. Natali and Feng cut down the Yuan-ti with help from Stor’s arrows.

We tried to convince the lizard folk to leave so that we wouldn’t have to kill them, but the light of fanaticism in their eyes is all too familiar from our dealings with the cultists that we have had to kill in the past. Unfortunately, we had to kill them to stop their attacks.

We went down some stairs and found a stone bridge over a deep chasm. The stone bridge looks slick with moss and moisture. Stor lit a torch, and as soon as he did some Yuan-ti and lizardfolk appeared on the other end of the bridge and shot arrows at us. Stor dropped his torch down the chasm, revealing that it is at least 100 feet deep.

My companions began shooting at the beasts, and I moved forward to attack them with my sword. I slipped, and almost fell from the slick bridge ending up dangling from the side of the bridge, barely hanging on. Stor threw a rope, entangling my legs in an inept attempt to save me, but Feng treacherously attacked me with his greatsword. I finally climbed up onto the bridge only to be taken down by Feng. Has he been possessed or has his evil orcish nature finally become dominant?

Natali took down the lizardfolk one by one in her workmanlike way, and as Stor tried to move forward, he fell from the bridge and failed to catch himself. Mordaxis was able to cast a spell that made him fall as light as a feather.

Stor was now at the bottom of the 100 foot deep pit. the walls of the pit are pocked with thousands of small holes, from which emanate an ominous hissing noise. Suddenly, uncounted numbers of small snakes erupted from the holes. He surrounded himself with oil, which he lit on fire to keep the snakes away. Meanwhile, Feng and Natali tied ropes together to make a rope long enough to reach him.

We climbed some stairs to a diamond-shaped room with two shrines, one to Ssheth and one to Mershulk. hundreds of snakes emerged from tiny holes in the walls and moved toward two sets of armor. Mordaxis caused a huge number of snakes to fall asleep, but they still animated the two sets of armor. We killed them all.

We came to a circular room, 40 feet across, with a dozen holes, each three feet across and seven feet deep, in the floor. At the far side of the room were 3 lizardfolk and a woman with strangely serpentine features. We moved in and killed them all.

Episode 15 - Nat
Adventure log 2015-10-06

[Travel diary of Natali Starag]

After our mighty victory over the white dragon we set sail back to Waterdeep. Poor Lorea fell ill on the long voyage. We received a warm welcome from the crimson brotherhood who were happy to both have Makath the Crimson and many of their tomes returned. They are convinced that the dragon cult is a problem and pledges their support to the cause. The great Stor is recovered and back in fine form. We learn that Reverence was called away on a family mission while we were gone. We settle into our rooms to rest.

No sooner do I drop my traveling gear but there is a knock at my door. It is master Leosin! It is so good to see him again. He shares information that has been gleaned from the black dragon mask we recovered. There are 5 masks, 1 per color, and all 5 are need for the ritual to raise Tiamat. The Harpers have been contacted by the Zehentarin who are also investigating the dragon cult. The white dragon mask has been stolen from a dwarf named Verum. Verum wants it back and doesn’t want to get in trouble for losing it. He’s taken a small group and is heading to divination site to find it. Leosin wants us to capture Verum for interrogation. They don’t know where the divination site is but they do know Verum is headed to the Borskine bridge in the northeast. We are to leave in the morning.

We spend the rest of the day dividing up the dragon hoard – Mordaxis, myself, Fang and Lorea each get 250 sp and 2750 gp. Time is spent shopping for magic items but they’re too expensive. Items like boots of striding and cloaks of the bat were considered. A bag of holding is only 500gp. All this money is weighing on my conscience I must give most of it to the order.

We wake in the morning to horses loaded with 6 days of rations. We head to the bridge and from there we’ll need to track him. We head north for a day and stay at an inn at a crossroads. Tomorrow we head east to the bridge. Cunning Stor talks with the innfolk and finds out information. I wish I could talk with people in such ways. A barmaid, I did not like how she looked at Stor so long, complained that rude dwarf in purple came through 2 or 3 days prior.

We get up and head east. The land becomes more wild. After a days journey we are at a travelers way stop with camping areas. We pitch camp for the night and set watches. As we examine the area we find a scrap of purple robe. They were here! In the middle of the night on Fang’s watch he hears a twig snap and his orcish vision picks out 6 figures encircling the camp. He raises the alarm. I am in a deep sleep dreaming of … well … I will not say. But do not wish to waken. Fang roars a mighty challenge which startles the figures. They did not expect that! Mordaxis wields his mighty staff and a fireball explodes revealing our foes and badly burning 3 of them. 5 are strange blueish humanoids with small wings and fangs. The group is led by a half blue dragon who looks much like one we felled previously. Clearly it cannot be. The strange blue men wield blue orbs that they use to breathe lightning. The half dragon also breathes lightning but it is a mighty blast. Mordaxis is squarely hit and vanishes! Then from behind a nearby tree Mordaxis lets loose another fireball hitting the half-dragon squarely. The area is burning providing me with better light to see. We are engaging the strange blue creatures. Stor deftly sneaks and lands cunning blows. The half dragon charges Mordaxis and yells that he will not fail again. But he does due to Mardaxis’s flame from the staff. We recover the 5 orbs for the council. We get some more sleep and leave later than planned.

We arrive at the Borskire bridge over the winding water river. There is a large encampment with an inn under a large tent. Mordaxis asks around and Bolo, a female halfling, tells us a dwarf was here asking for a guide to the hills. While he was here a hooded figure attacked the dwarf and the dwarf slew it. It was a lizardfolk from the hills. Everyone likes the dwarf. Nobody likes the lizardfolk. He got a ranger guide to take him to the temple in the hills. He had 6 barbarians with him. We hire Sven the ranger to take us to the temple. It’s a 2 day trek through dangerous lizardfolk lands. I do not like the sound of these lizardfolk.

We leave the next morning with Sven. After the trail ends he continues to guide us based on where he thinks the temple is — he’s not completely sure. After a day we camp at a clear area. There is a bas-relief on a stone worn down from exposure to the elements. It depicts a 6-armed woman. We get up and continue. We stop after a day near 3 very old graves on a low hill. On Mordaxis’ watch he sees some motion by the graves but nothing more.

The next day we get up and go. Sven finds the dwarf’s trail. We enter a box canyon with a strange temple with buildings and statues. In the cliff face to the left is an entrance. In the cliff face are otherworldly carvings of scenes, faces, flying round ships and tentacled monsters rising from the deep, and even dragons are in one scene. Sven will wait for us overnight a distance away but he wants nothing to do with the place. To get to the temple entrance we must cross the remains of a large plaza that has a remnants of a large fountain. Two tall stone statues flank the entrance to the plaza. Of course they come to life as we approach. They say, “You come before Diderous etherwalker. What do you seek?” Fang and Mordaxis say “knowledge” and Stor says “a dwarf in purple.” I am unnerved by these creatures and do not speak. They answer, “he will do that but you must heed him.”

We enter the temple antechamber. Everything looks like new and well-kept. Nothing like the deterioration outside. We pass through an open stone door into a hallway with statues of cloaked wizards. Great, more statues. Mordaxis and Fang hear a whisper and tell us all to avert our eyes from the statues. We do so and head to the end of the hallway. We hear the statues move and feel their gaze upon us. We enter a 40×40 room with a beautiful mosaic floor depicting a knight battling a chimera and a ledge 10’ up surrounds the room. We see a door on the left with “safe” written on it and a pair of double doors in front of us and a small corridor to the right. We enter and the chimera springs to life. A chimera made of tile! Mordaxis goes to the safe door but only sees a room with a well behind it. We battle the chimera which breathes real fire but it is too slow to burn me. It eventually falls to the floor as broken tile. Stor bravely enters the safe room and I join him. In the room is a small alcove and basin with a lever. The lever opens a drain at the bottom of the basin. The well has a bucket of course.

The double copper doors are bowing towards us and have etchings of wizards hunched over a pool with one looming over them with hands raised. We head down the hallway to the right. It slopes down. Fang notices a pressure plate in the floor which we avoid. We enter a trapezoidal room with rich tapestries on the walls. The room is illuminated by sunlight from a light tube. Mordaxis and Fang receive another whisper, about humility. We move to the end of the room and try to open the double doors. They only move an inch and then we hear noises behind us. 6 slow figures emerge from behind the tapestries clad in rags and moaning. Their touch fills me with fear and I cannot move. I center myself and am no longer afraid but I still cannot move. They are slow but dangerous. Mordaxis reads one of the scrolls we acquired from the white dragon and a brilliant lightning bolt leaps towards one of the creatures and arcs to three others hurting them greatly. We are then able to reduce them to dust.

This is a good approximation of Mordaxis tonight. We viewed this on the TV and agreed this sums it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZJZK6rzjns


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