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The campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms, starting in a small frontier town called Greenest, on the southern section of the Sword Coast.
Greenest is South West of Baldur’s Gate.

You will need 5th edition D&D.
You can either get the Player’s Handbook, or download the free Basic Rules PDF.
The characters from either can work together, you just get more customization and options with the PH.
Spells in the PH are listed alphabetically. Here’s lists by level.
Here’s some nice compilations of spells.

I haven’t decided yet if or why you all start together, but for one reason or another you will start traveling or returning to Greenest.
Please write a character history and background (see the PH for Backgrounds).
I’ll work with you to create a new one.
We’ll work back and forth to try to tie each character further into the campaign.
Below are some suggestions:

Also there are some Optional Features to pick as the feature granted by your background.
Optional Features

Main Page

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