Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 12 - Lorea (not RIP)
Adventure log 2015-08-25

After a long night grieving for the loss of Lorea until they fell asleep from pure exhaustion, all of the surviving party members woke suddenly just before dawn. There is an unearthly silence. As dawn breaks, everyone hears a ringing just on the edge of hearing, and a bright light comes from beneath the blankets.

Lorea, Fist of Bahamut awakens beneath the blankets.

One of the first impressions I have is that the sword Feng is carrying is incredibly evil.

Suddenly, the door of the room flings open and the Storm Giant King strides in, saying “Did you hear the horn?” He’s saying something about the plan moving to the next stage, and that he has to rally his brethren to the cause. He tells us that to prove our faithfulness, we need to defeat the minions of the Cult left in the castle while he steers the castle to his brethren (and talks to the wife).

When we enter the courtyard, Sandrasil appears and says “What did you do?” when she catches sight of me, she takes a close look at me, draws a deep breath, and disappears.

We went down a ramp in the mountainous mound of ice in the center of the courtyard. We go down and down until we reach a giant cavern, most of it obscured by mist, with what appear to be an ogre and several kobolds frozen in the blue ice of the walls. We followed the wall partway around the cavern, when Natali whispers “I just saw a dragon on the ceiling.” At which point the room fills with amazingly cold mist, and a voice booms from the mist, “Who dares enter my lair?” I responded “Lorea, Fist of Bahamut, have come to end your evil!” We were then engulfed in amazing cold, which disappated the mist, but hurt like hell.

We fought the dragon, exchanging huge amounts of damage, which took Mordaxis down. Suddenly, the dragon ran over to a ledge 40 feet away and disappeared over the edge. Natali ran to the edge of the ledge, leapt over fists first, and drove her fists into the neck of the dragon, killing it.

There is a 30 foot pile of treasure encased in ice, in which Mordaxis can detect a potion, magic sword, bracers, long bow, and leather armor. Mordaxis used his staff to melt the ice, retrieving the sword +1, bracers of defense +2, bow +1, and leather armor +1.

There are roughly half a million copper pieces and lots of gold, but the big haul is a chest with 800 pp. and 16 blue sapphires. We took the pp and sapphires.

After exploring the lair of the dragon, we went back up to talk to the storm giant king Blagathus. Feng asked blagathus if he could do something about the evil sword, and Blagathus said, “give me the sword.” Feng gave it to him.

Blagathus told us that Sandrassil is in the central tower, and told us how to get there. When we get to the tower, we see that it’s 100 feet tall, and seems to be crumbling. The door opens inward, but seems to be bulging, as if under great pressure. There is a balcony 75 feet up the 100 foot tower,

We used Mordaxis’s pitons to get 50 feet up from the ground. I then called upon the power of Bahamut to move me to the balcony. I could feel it is creaky, and there’s noplace to tie the rope, so I opened the door. Just before stepping into the room I could feel the vile presence of undead in the room. I called upon Bahamut to abjure one of the creatures, and it ran away, frightened by the awesome power of the Divine. Sandrassil stepped from a coffin in the middle of the floor.

I ran into the room and attacked Sandrassil. Mordaxis grabbed Feng and teleported to the balcony, which collapsed under their weight. Feng managed to grab Mordaxis and jump through the door, but the balconey fell right on top of Natali, knocking her from the wall and crushing her under it. She managed to survive, but was terribly injured.

Meanwhile, Sandrassil healed herself, then bit me on the neck, which meant she was fully healed from my righteous strikes. Feng got into a one on one fight with the undead creature that had been guarding Sandrassil while I and Mordaxis took on Sandrassil. After Sandrassil hit Mordaxis a couple of times, he disappeared, leaving me to face her alone. I knew that I could hold her here while my companions finished off her minion, which they did once Natali finally arrived after having a balcony dropped on her and climbing all the way up the tower.

Once we got serious about pounding on Sandrassil, she turned gaseaous and fled down the tower, hiding in the ice rubble that filled the bottom of the tower. We used oil, torches, and Mordaxis’ magic fire pew-pew spell for about an hour to melt the ice. When it was melted down far enough that sunlight streammed in the door, she coalecsed into solid form, then collapsed into dust.

We went back, talked to Blagathus, and used his guest room to rest from our labors. The next mornig, a raven appeared and said in Leosin’s voice: “Good job. Use the gift of the Raven to return to Waterdeep soon.”

Episode 11 - Lorea (RIP)
DND 2015-08-18

We investigated the last door in the hallway, and it led into the courtyard with ogres practicing their javelin throwing. Rev showed up, and we showed him the book in Infernal. It is apparently a cookbook. The recipes involve sacrificing people, and result in summoning devils. The final chapter, which was open when we found it, is a super summoning spell to bring Tiamat here. It’s not a nice book.

Feng’s sword is annoying. It talks too much without actually saying much. As soon as we walked out into the courtyard, the sword yelled at them and called them over. I was annoyed by them and by the sword, so I refused to go with the Ogre to see Grubblebub, or whoever the ruler of the ogres is. They attacked. Rev surrounded them with webs while Feng whacked one. Both Stor and Nat managed to stumble into the web while trying to attack.

There are two groups of three ogres on towers with a ballista, aiming it in our direction. There are also 10 humans(?) in purple armor with scimitars and a couple of 13 foot tall giants (?) with 5 foot tall monster clubs. Rev dropped fireball on the humans (twice), killing most of them and causing the rest to run away, but was menaced by one of the giants. Meanwhile, Feng mowed through the ogres with his big annoying sword, killing two of them in short order while I killed a third. After most of us spent time whacking the giantess, she finally went down, enraging the male giant, who screamed “Hulda!!!!!!”

When the ballista crew shot a javelin at Natali, she nimbly stepped out of the way, deflecting the javelin harmlessly away. I was beaten senseless by the male giant. More fighting, with Feng finally taking some damage. The creepy humanoid that we saw disappear in the courtyard last time appeared near us, causing Rev to disappear. Feng took out the male giant, but took quite a lot of damage from the giant and ogres pounding on him. The rest of the ogres went down, causing the kobolds to panic, meep, and run in every direction but towards us.

Sandrasil, the creepy female person with nose slits and long claws said something about watching us, then disappeared. Across the courtyard was a great big stables. There are two beasts that look like a cross between a bat and a small dragon. They have what look like stingers on their tails. We noped right out of there.

We decided to go into one of the towers with ogres on top. It’s a hollow tower with a spiral staircase around the perimeter. We shot the ogres rushing down toward us with various missile weapons for a while waiting for them to run down the stairs. It seemed slow, and we managed to take out one before they got to us. The other two went down without hitting any of us.

As soon as we exited the tower and rounded the corner, we ran into the other three ogres from the other tower. Feng managed to fall down a couple of times right in front of them while the rest of us took them out.

We questioned a kobold and found out that the master of the castle is “Glasshail,” who is maybe a dragon that breathes ice. The kobold was hard to understand and not very coherent.

We went upstairs. Found the kobold barracks. Found a locked door, that Stor determined had a magical lock on it, so backed off and let Rev take care of it. When we went into the room, we saw the walls covered with gems, and a series of 18 levers. As soon as we climbed the stairs to the second floor (100 feet up), the walls seemed to fade away and we are standing on a disc floating in the air with no room, or castle, or anything except the levers. I could recognize that the runes on the levers were Dwarven, Stor seemed to feel some presence in the room, but we’re not getting anywhere here. As we were leaving the room, Stor tripped or something causing an alarm to go off in the castle that sounded like the wind whistling through the castle. An 18 foot tall giant dressed in armor and wearing a crown is striding across the courtyard toward us. Rev webbed the door, but the giant flung it open seemingly ignoring the webs.

We decided we needed to talk our way out of it, unfurling the cult banner. The giant said something along the lines of “I’m so sick of you cultists!” and sent a lightning-bolt at me and Feng. Feng took a terrible hit while I hid behind my shield. Rev dropped some darkness on the stairs and Stor threw a flaming oil flask at the ogres, making them back off. The giant rose through the air on a cloud, then smacked me with his electrically charged morning-star. I went down in a pile of armor.

The rest of the group made it to the top of the tower. Feng pulled a lever at random, getting a shock from it, and a cloudy looking giantess appeared and said “Stop that!” As the giant entered the room at the top of the tower, everyone in the group dropped their weapons and said “We’re on the same side!” The giant paused, but Feng’s sword said “you giants are such pussies!” Feng kicked it down the stairs.

Here lies Lorea Jones, killed by a storm giant king. There are worse ways to go. At least it wasn’t a random bandit.

The giant recognized the sword as formerly belonging to Resmere, and was willing to talk to us. Turns out that he also hates the cultists, but we did kill a lot of his guards, and he doesn’t like that. There was some banter, including the appearance of Sandrassil, who the giant dismisses. The giant was now willing to listen to us. Stor told the outlines of our story.

He agreed to protect the group in his personal quarters so Sandrasil wouldn’t get us after dark, until our story could be proven (or disproven).

Episode 10 - Lorea
DND 2015-08-04

Mordaxis has identified the magical artifacts that we’ve discovered:
- George The Long Sword is very very old, it’s engraved with sigils, leaves and vines. Once I’ve attuned myself to it, it has a guardian ability that will warn when we are going to be attacked (+2 to initiative). It’s also life-stealing: if I roll a critical hit, it will do 10 extra points of necrotic damage
- Necklace of adaptation allows the wearer to always breath so that they are not affected by gas or other environmental problems.
- Dagger of venom, +1 TH and Dam. Can envenom 1/day so the dagger is poisoned, doing 2d10 poison damage and makes the target disadvantaged

We decided that to continue following the treasure, we would have to go through the teleportation portal. We ended up in a wooded, dry, arid, chilly area that appears to be in the mountains. Nearby are two standing stones and a stone house. There are tracks leading from the portal to the house as well as tracks leading to the portal from other directions.

We decided to approach the house. It appears to be very old. The ground floor is built of lichen-covered flagstone while the upper floors are timber and plaster. There is moss growing on the roof and smoke coming from one of the two chimneys. We walked up to the house (Stor hid behind a tree) and knocked. the door was answered by a man in formal clothing, who told us that south of here is a village called Parnast. He also told us that we are in the Great Peak Mountains, which means that we’ve gone from the Northwest coast to the far east mid-latitude region.

We asked to talk to the master of the house. In the entryway were a wide array of cloaks from all different climates. We were put in a grand room to wait for someone named Talis. Eventurally, the butler led us up to a very nice, classy room with three men wearing scale mail and a half-elven woman wearing white robes over scale mail and holding a wand, this is Talis the White. She said “welcome, I think we can do business.”

After some banter. She told us that she is of the Cult of the Dragon. I don’t truck with those people, so I left. Mordaxis, Natali, and Feng stayed and talked to her. She wants us to intercept the treasure so that her rivals in the cult will look bad. We need to go to the village of Parnast and then get aboard the Castle Skyreach. She gives Feng a necklace so that she can “monitor our progress” and gives Mordaxis a banner and passphrase (“Tiamat, our mother and strength”) to get aboard the flying castle Skyreach.

So, headed off to Parnast, camping a short distance before getting there so as not to arrive after dark. It’s a small village, very bucolic, that is dominated by a giant castle that appears to be made of ice. We went to the central square to replenish our supplies. It appears that the main business of this town is lumber and wood products.

After wandering around and trying to engage the locals, we were spectacularly unable to engage them. Mordaxis used his undercover skills to talk to the drunks in the bar and learned that a big shipment arrived from the swamp yesterday and Skyreach is just about due to leave.

Skyreach is made of ice and is in a mist-filled ravine. we crossed the giant drawbridge. Everything is oversized: 18-foot tall doorways. The castle huge, and as we cross the courtyard to a spiral staircase, there’s a super loud alarm sounded and the whole castle seemed to rise into the air! Ogres were practicing javeline throwing being overseen by a humanoid dressed in purple armor with a flattened nose, fangs, long claws on fingers and toes. As soon as we exited the stairwell, the humanoid creature disappeared.

Mordaxis talked to one of the ogres, convincing it that we belong there. It told us that Resmere is downstairs.

We entered a room filled with kobolds either cooking or engaged in alchemy, we can’t tell which. When we asked for Resmere, they directed us to the door to the north. In that door was a corridor with a larder on the right. Stor was unable to pick the lock on the door to the left. We ran into a red wizard, whom we asked where Resmere is, and he told us. There was a bedroom through that door, and as soon as Natali touched the back wall it disappeared, leaving us looking down hundreds of feet to the ground.

As we left the bedroom, we saw the red wizard heading to the locked door that we had bypassed. He knocked, and when a blue half-dragon opened the door said “are these the ones you were talking about?” I grabbed for the wizard, but missed him as Feng moved in to smack Resmere with his giant sword. The wizard disappeared, but Mordaxis outlined him in fire so Natali could attack him. Resmere spit a stream of acid at Feng, Mordaxis, and Stor. After I attacked Resmere, he exuded darkness, then we were engulfed in flame, causing us amazing pain. Feng used his mighty sword to good effect, taking Resmere down.

When the darkness went away, we still couldn’t see the wizard, so Mordaxis outlined him with fire again, revealing that he was right next to Natali, who immediately smacked him into stunned insensibility. As the rest of us moved in to finish off the red wizard, a winged stone horror appeared and attacked Natali from behind. Natali and I continued attacking the Red Wizard, and I killed it with a mighty blow, draining the very life-force from him.

The gargoyle continued attacking Natali with a single-mindedness that seemed almost demented. I finished off the gargoyle.

In Resmere’s room, there’s a chest sitting on the table. I went to investigate the chest, and managed to dive out of the way of the rug as it tried to wrap me up. I am Athlete Man!

Resmere has:
- mask of a black dragon (super magic) – unidentifiable
- great sword (magic) – Hazerown necrotic sword – +2 TH and Damage – if attuned: every hit does an extra 2d6 necrotic damage, target makes DC 15 save or can’t be healed for a minute
4 charges: detect magic for 1 charge, detect evil/good for 1 charge, detect thoughts for 2 charges, recover 1d4 charges at midnight
sentient, speaks Common and Netherese
- scale armor sized for a half blue dragon
- cult of the dragon broach (magic) – Insignia of claws – flares purple when you enter combat, empowering fists with

red wizard has:
- Staff of Fire (magic) resistance to fire damage. 10 charges (burning hands: 1 charge, fireball: 3 charges, wall of fire: 4 charges)
- three scrolls (magic) Dimension door, feather fall, fireball
- Wizard of Thay robes

In the red wizard’s room, we found:
- Wizard’s spellbook
- letters from Thay
- Ancient volume titled “Beyond the Iron Gates” in a prominent spot. It appears to be in Infernal

Episode 9 - Lorea
Adventure log 2015-07-21

As we descended the stairs to exit the tower in which we just killed everyone, we heard the unmistakable sound of a bullywug freaking out. He apparently found Andraxia’s body and is raising the alarm. We deployed on the second level of the tower to partake in a pitched battle with the denizens of the castle.

Rev dropped a fireball on a blond elf wearing black armor who was advancing on our tower with six cultists. The cultists and a bunch of bullywugs burst into flames and writhe in pain. Snapjaw called something out the window in a language that we don’t understand. We could hear the lizardfolk start to chant all over the castle.

Stor shot one of the guard-drakes in the neck and killed it from the window. The Elf and some bullywugs charged toward our tower. Stor, Rev, and Mordaxis continued plinking at our enemies out the windows while Nat and I waited on the stairwell. Nat got impatient and ran down the stairs to confront the elf. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell right at his feet. He summoned an ornate longsword into his hand that he used to smite Natali. Rev and I advanced down the stairs to help cover Nat.

A general melee was breaking out in the courtyard with bullywugs and lizardfolk fighting each other and cultists running around. Mordaxis used some nasty attack on the cultists to kill some of them and sow confusion. Nat and I managed to kill the Elf and I advanced to cover the door of the tower to prevent bad-guys from coming in. Nat and Rev threw fire and darts around me as I blocked the door to prevent anyone from coming into the tower. Mordaxis attempted to help the lizardfolk against the bullywugs in the courtyard.

At the door, I covered Rev while she wiggled her fingers and fired a fan of flames into the gathered bad guys who were trying to figure out how to get past us. They broke and ran. Natali ran for the big melee in the courtyard, so I tried to keep up with her (that girl needs a keeper).

All of the bullywugs and cultists fled, Snapjaw was able to command the drakes to back off, and we have taken the courtyard. We regrouped in the courtyard, but Natali decided to run off on her own chasing Barney the purple lizardman in armor.

Rev gave me the ornate sword that she’d recovered from the elf.

The door we entered was a forge. They appear to be sloppy, bad blackmiths. We searched the NE tower, finding rusty weapons, dust, and a breakroom that I wouldn’t want to eat lunch in. The top floor of the tower was very dusty with bones strewn around the room. As we moved in to investigate, three giant spiders dropped on us from the rafters, biting Rev, Natali, and I. Reverence was poisoned. After struggling with the spiders, Nat and Rev managed to kill one of them, but I was knocked unconscious. Natali smashed the one that had bitten me, but Mordaxis was captured in webbing.

Stor managed to fall in front of the surviving spider, and was bitten by the beast. Natali shoved her fist into its face and killed it.

When we came out of the tower after a short rest, the lizardfolk have prevailed, and blocked the Bullywug leader and Barney in the dungeon. We are going in to the dungeon, which apparently is also where the treasure that we were following was taken.

Under the castle is an underground pool in a large cavern. We investigated the caverns, and found a large room filled with mud to an unknown depth. Four bullywugs were eye deep in the mud. Stor immediately shot one of them in the eye, killing it. Natali ran into the mud, trying to get close enough to attack them. Two of them fled the room, while the third tried to hold us off. He didn’t last long.

Following the escaped bullywugs, we found ourselves in a cavern with the muddy tracks of the bullywugs leading down the center of the cavern. Stor and Nat noticed hordes of centipedes heading toward us. Yucky. Mordaxis put most of them to sleep, then Natali smashed the rest of them.

We continued to explore the caverns, finding a large underground lake with a giant frog perched on an island, a small pond filled with fish-like creatures.

We found ourselves in a cavern that had many footprints leading to the west. In a room filled with mist three feet deep, I used my shield to fan the mist away and we found a magic circle inscribed in the floor with mist pouring out of it. Apparently, it is a permanent teleport circle.

We followed a different corridor, when suddenly the corridor filled with vines, leaves, thorns, and other planty matter, trapping us, some more than others. We fought our way out of the vines and thorns, which were poking us mercilessly. I was in so much pain that I passed out breifly until Mordaxis gave me a reviving potion and I was able to surge ahead of Natali, who had been trying to hack through the branches with her short sword, and destroy most of the vines in our way.

There were three bullywugs and an extra-large bullywug wearing a crocodile head as a hat that Rev had blindly webbed. I attacked the one with the head-dress, but it was Mordaxis with a blast of force to the face who took him out.

We followed the corridor, finding a bunch of scared bullywugs in an office. We let them go, then Stor tried to open a chest that was there. Suddenly, my companions disappeared, and instead I was surrounded by scary frog guys. One of them attacked another, then a third one stunned me with a bolt of lightning from it’s hand-like appendage. Another one hit me, knocking me out. Keystone Kops action ensued, ending up with me and Natali knocked out and Rev hanging out in the pool by the giant frog.

Stor is not allowed to open any more chests.

Rev detected magic and found that some of the items in the chest were magical, and the ornate elvish sword is also magical.

Inside the chest:
necklace (magic)
3 gems
ornate dagger (magic)
2 potions

Episode 8 - Lorea
Adventure log 2015-07-02

After what seemed like forever guarding my employer while every piece of junky equipment that he owned broke and had to be repaired, I finally got him him to the fort in the Mere of Dead Men and quit my job, giving up my promised bonus. I found the rest of my compatriots talking about a warehouse where the treasure from the Cult of the Dragon has been taken through a trapdoor under the warehouse by Lizardmen.

Stor, Rev, and Natali made their way nonchalantly into the warehouse. We are trying to space ourselves out so that nobody notices 5 heavily armed people looking for trouble. Gristle Pete, the fort cook came into the warehouse to get supplies for cooking. I had to bamboozle one of the cultists into leaving us alone. After some skulking, I decided that skulking makes us look suspicious so I walked into the room. We checked the room then went down the secret trap door. It’s a dark, dank, wet tunnel to a copse of trees just outside the fort. The well-worn trail of the lizardy feet leads off to the West.

The trail is clearly marked and cleared. It’s slow progress for us through the swampy underbrush. We spend the whole day working through the nasty, often knee-deep water. My boots will never be the same. We come to a campsite near a “lake” of brackish, nasty water. There are three dugout canoes there. We decide to take a break here while we prepare for setting off across the water.

After a very short time, I notice canoes heading toward us from the West. Stor and Natali hid while Rev, Mordaxis, and I hung out at the campsite. After some comical attempts at communicating in various languages, we manage to “talk” in pigeon common with one of the Lizard men, convincing them that we are “Dragon kneelers.” We shared some jerky with Snapjaw and his crew, who are apparently going to get more crates. Rev namedropped Asbarajas and they got really deferential and left us alone for the rest of the night. They headed off to get more crates while we headed off to the “castle” that the lizards told us about where the crates went.

As we canoed along, following the trail, we saw a roiling in the water heading toward us. We padeled toward a climbable tree, getting there just as the disturbed water, which we could see contained leafy tentacles, reached us. Reverence levitated the canoe containing her and Mordaxis out of the water just as it arrived. Masses of vegetation rose from the water all around my canoe. Stor reached over with his sword and sliced off a tentacle with a very graceful stroke. I was hit in the middle of the chest with a large, whip-like tentacle that tried to wrap around me, obviously trying to drag me into the water. After Mordaxis hit it with fire and I sawed at it with my dagger, the tentacle retreated back into the water. Suddenly the mass of writhing tendrils tried to tip me from the canoe, I performed a log-rolling feat and righted the canoe without getting wet. Mordaxis used some sort of energy field to start hurting it.

I was grabbed by two tendrils and dragged beneath the water. I was blinded, restrained, and unable to breath. I managed to break free and climb the trunk of the tree underwater to get a lungful of air as the rest of the group did their best to shoot the beast. Stor threw a grappling hook into the tree and swung the rope over to me so that I could climb the tree and get away from the beast.

It tipped the canoe that Natali and Stor were in. It attempted to crush Natali as I threw the rope to Stor and pulled him from the water. The beast started pulling on the rope until the rope broke, causing the tree to whip around and knock me into the water. Finally, Mordaxis’s Emporer Palpatine lightning field caused it to run away.

We spent the rest of the day following the trail (marked branches and tree trunks sticking out of the water). We noticed that there where what appeared to be blinds with humanoids hiding in them. We tried to go around them, but the six lizardmen spotted us, throwing javelins at us as we launched our own attack. One of the javelins hit Rev and then embedded itself in the bottom of the canoe, causing a leak. Rev cast a spell that healed the hole in the bottom of the boat right around the javelin. As we all shot at the lizard people from our canoes and they threw javelins at us, Natali rowed herself and Stor to the small rise upon which the lizardfolk were perched. When only two were left, they surrendered. We tied them up and sent them off in a canoe.

As we continued on our way, a lizardman caught up to us and told us that the Lizardfolk would help us if we kill the bullywugs. It was Snapjaw and he had us disguise ourselves as Dragon Kneelers (and I hid in the bottom of a canoe under a tarp). Snapjaw brought Rev, Mordaxis, Natali, and Stor into the largest longhouse in the Lizardfolk camp, called in some of his fellows, and talked them into helping us, apparently. The castle is a good size, and appears to be guarded by bullywugs.

We rested while Snapjaw tried to get his buddies on side. They are willing to help disguise us as Dragon Kneelers and maybe back us up if we do well killing bullywugs, but they are unwilling to commit themselves to an uncertain cause. Snapjaw got us through the gate and into the castle. We made our way into the keep in the middle of the castle. In the second room we opened, we found Andraxia sitting at a desk. Immediately, everyone reached for weapons to kill each other. Before anyone else could move, Natali jumped over, thumped him with a series of blows, knocking him down. The magic users hit him with spells, and Stor cut his throat.

stuff in Andraxia’s lair:
box of silver inlaid redwood with a spell book in it
letter that he was writing that’s either written in foreign or in code
He had a key on a string around his neck
200 gp
2 scrolls

We climbed the tower and at the top found a hemispherical room with a tube sticking out of the roof. As Rev and Mordaxis tried to figure out what it was, four statues animated on the walls and attacked!

One of them attacked Rev, one attempted to attack Mordaxis, but fell, and one attacked Stor. Rev stuck one to a wall, but it broke free. As Stor, Natali, and I tried attacking the stone monsters with physical attacks, not doing well, Mordaxis outlined the creatures in eldrich light and Rev cast spells more effectively.

Finally, Mordaxis and Rev withdrew from melee range so that we didn’t have to spend all of our time worried about them. It was a long grueling fight, with all of us taking serious damage, but we prevailed. We learned that the tube device is called the Farseer of Illis. It allows the user to look down from above anywhere in the world.

Episode 6 - Nat
Adventure log 2015-05-07

[Travel diary of Natali Starag]

Our great trek to Waterdeep begins with the usual trouble. Akrany’s wagon promptly breaks down. Lorea is employed as a guard so he must stay while repairs are made. Mordaxis and Reverence stay to provide extra protection. Trouble does seem to find this motley crew I have joined. But I can’t help but enjoy their company the more I stay with them. Perhaps Leosin will allow me to extend my short reprieve from the order. Maybe this is the path I am supposed to take. I must continue to prove my worth in combat. I am old enough and skilled enough no matter what the others always told me. The strength of the wind flows through me.

After a day we reach Dragonspear and rest in a comfortable inn. Lorea and the others should have arrived by now. This is unnerving. I am worried and my sleep is poor. Trouble follow us too closely. As the caravan departs two new travelers join — a strange fellow in a wool hat with ear flaps joins wagon #2. An overly pleasant gnome woman, Jamna Gleansilver joins alone. We depart.

Stor and I see two large birds far above. Stor recognized them to not be birds, they fly too high and are too large. His eyes are keen and their color glints amazingly in this harsh sun. Soon they descend and attack wagon #5 with that strange green woman. Her guard, Stolstag the Pole, a very tall man — clearly over 7 feet tall — with a huge spear defends valiantly but falls under the assault. These creatures have heads as deer adorned with antlers and talons that could tear a man apart. Stor notices they cast a shadow of a man, his eyes are keen. Orvoostia from wagon #3 joins the defense and one creature tries to drag Solstag to the woods. Orvoostia falls and is nearly dragged to the woods before we felled the beast. The other tries to escape into the air but Feng, who may yet prove his worth though his appearance is distasteful, shoots it down. After this excitement we rest and Mordaxis reaches us.

We continue the next day and Jamna the gnome seems to have an interest in Mordaxis. That would not have been my guess. Wagon #7, which we know is carrying the treasure we are tracking, hits a rock and breaks a wheel spilling a box of treasure. I pretend to be oblivious and helpful, though I would rather strike those terrible cultists down where the stand. Stor and I help stabilize the wagon while the wheel is replaced. He is very strong.

The following day this peculiar dwarf, Lyangison, from wagon #6 is terribly interested in buying Feng’s mighty greatsword. Feng is not interested in selling. Night falls and a cultist from wagon #4 appears to recognize Mordaxis. The man interrogated Mordaxis back at the cultists camp. Mordaxis and Jamna continue to visit as the camp settles in for sleep.

The next morning Feng’s greatsword is gone! The man from wagon #4 is fixated on Mordaxis and confronts him. Mordaxis deftly denies knowing the man and things do not sit well. Feng blames Lyangison and his douchey passenger. After much yelling a search reveals nothing. Feng turns his attention to Jamna but Mordaxis defends her. This is why my hands are my greatest weapon. No one will ever find me defenseless again. We continue on to Daggerford.

After two uneventful days the road enters a thickly wooded area. This is unusual as the road avoids such areas. The caravan halts. There is a commotion at wagon #1, the cultists. They are under attack by 3 strange spider-men creatures with 2 spider pets. Most hideous — the spiders this time and not the cultists. We halfheartedly engage the spiders, perhaps they can do our work for us. Two of the man-spiders take the horses. The cultists are in a tight spot. No one wants to sell them extra horses. They buy one and send a man back to Dragonspear to get more. This has cost us a half day. Still no Lorea and Reverence, this is concerning. Lorea may be maddening at times but his valor is unparallelled. Reverence is a strange unearthly creature but I find her company enjoyable. Continuing on we encounter a head in the road. It turns out to be a complete man buried in the ground. He has “oathbreaker” written on his head. Clearly he deserved such punishment. It is not for me overrule his judgement. But Feng’s employer, Samardeg is too compassionate and they free the man. The man says he had promised to marry a woman but when he found out her family were bandits and he would be required to join he broke his oath to marry. Feng notices a Harper tattoo on the man, Carlon Amoffel. We camp.

The next morning Jamna joins me and Stor at breakfast. Why must she interrupt this time I have with Stor. But Jamna is being very serious and intense, not the happy gnome I have seen before. She pulls a bead out of our food bowl, a deadly bone bead. Someone aims to kill us. She says we must talk tonight with her, and of course Mordaxis. She knows we are compatriots. The rest of the day Jamna is her old self. That night Jamna and Mordaxis join us. She seeks to stop the cult of the dragon. She knows not of the looting we have witnessed. She says the strange man who recently joined the caravan is Asbarajas, a red wizard of Thay. She says we need to find out what is in the wagons. Mordaxis points out which cultist recognized him.

On the next day we begin going through the fields of the dead. A great battle was fought here so long ago no one remembers what it was. We see a wagon ahead under attack. The horses are slain but people are clearly inside. Irshany hobgoblins are attacking with arrows. Arrows, feeble weapons. We engage the creatures. Their leader with a slow mighty greatsword is no match for the swiftness of the wind. Mordaxis deftly downs two hobgoblins with his magic. The leader was wearing a set of half plate under his animal pelts. Inside the wagon we find 4 people — a merchant in fine dress and 3 injured guards. He is from Balder’s Gate and joins wagon #9 and his feeble guards stay to guard the wagon.

The next day one of the cultists is found murdered. Mordaxis is accused but the rest of the caravan does not believe it so. Mordaxis’ defense of the caravan shows his worth. Feng talks to the road man, Carlon, and through their Harper bond he reveals his true intent – he was tracking the dragon cult treasure and was caught. We reach Daggerford and spend a night at the inn. The beds are so comfortable. I recall my bed at the monastery and its comfort. The life of an adventure sees few comforts, but I think the rewards of companionship provide comforts enough. I do believe this is the life I want. We leave Daggerford and head north.

After two days we reach the caravan camp site but find someone else already there. This seems unusual judging by the reactions of the seasoned wagonmen. What is more unusual is the twin buxom blonde sisters who have made camp – Zalena and Arieta. It is unusual for two women to travel alone this far out. We make camp. At about 4am we are awakened by a commotion. Jamna is fighting a man with a short sword. Mordaxis causes him to slumber with his magics. The man is the cultist who recognized Mordaxis! They bind him and when he awakens he asserts that he is the victim. Mordaxis weaves a brilliant argument against the man to the caravan and seeks to kick out their wagon. The caravan instead decides to execute the man for his treacherous acts and he is hung from a tree. The sisters join the caravan and we leave in the morning. Waterdeep is near now. Where are Lorea and Reverence?

Episode 5 - Lorea


We headed back to Greenest to stock up on supplies before making the 9 day trip to Elterel to meet Leosin. The Governor told us that Leosin left us horses. We geared up and got supplies for the trip.

We had an uneventful trip. Elterel has a magical light over the center of the city that shines night and day. It has the same properties as sunlight, so the city is free of undead. We asked at the gate for Anthar Froon, who the city guards seemed to like. They sent us to the Black Antlers tavern. The bouncer at the Black Antler recognized Leosin’s name and told us what table he’d be at. Anthar Froon turns out to be a loudmouth bro. There’s a bunch of bros who gather around and hear our tale of assaulting the caverns. One of the bros at the table is an half-orc. How does Anthar tolerate the presense of such monsters?

Mordaxis arranged for us to get rooms upstairs, and talked to Leosin upstairs. We found out that Leosin is a Harper, and they are concerned about the Cult of the Dragon, and why they are now raiding, have increased funding, and have shifted from attempting to raise undead dragons to attempting to grow live dragons.

Anthar is the leader of the Order of the Guantlet, they are working with the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers to oppose the Cult of the Dragon.

Everyone but me went to enjoy the horse racing at dawn. I decided to sleep in. Reverence entered into some kind of trance-like state with the horse, and handily won the race.

During the sparing, I took on Fang (the half-orc). The half-orc cheated, I swear. Turns out Anthar is a paladin of Helm. After the sparing, we had lunch, then weapons training, then dinner, then story-telling. We decided that it was basically a trade show, but with less drinking.

After all the carousing, a servant came to our rooms and invited us to meet with Anthar mid-morning. Leosin, Anthar, and Feng met with us in the common room in the morning. Anthar offered membership in the Order of the Guantlet, while Leosin offered us membership in the Harpers. I joined the Order of the Guantlet, while Reverence joined the Harpers. Nobody else seemed interested in joining.

We were given the mission of travelling to Baldur’s Gate, then following the hoard to it’s final destination and getting word back to Anthar and Leosin back here. Feng is going to travel with us. Anthar suggests that we disguise ourselves somehow. We rode a riverboat downriver to Baldur’s Gate, one of the largest cities on the Sword Coast.

The caravan is supposed to go through town (which is at a natural chock point), so they will have to unload all of their stuff in the marshalling yard south of town, carry it through the city using bearers, then load back onto wagons in the marshalling area north of the city. Convenient for collecting taxes. Our contact in the city is Ackin Celebon, he lives in Blackgate, north of the city wall. We spent several days shopping and keeping an eye on the caravan marshalling yard south of town. Reverence eventually sighted a black half-dragon getting into a palanquin from a caravan. Feng went back to our rooms to get us while Reverence kept an eye on the dragon dude.

Mordaxis, Feng, and I went to the North gate to get ourselves attached to the caravan as guards and travellers. Stor set off to find Reverence to back him up. Reverence made Stor invisible and he followed the palanquin to the north gate. The treasure loaded onto a couple of wagons in the caravan, but the half-dragon did not join the caravan. We attached ourselves to the caravan to follow the money.

I took a job as a guard for one of the merchants travelling with the caravan. Akrany Ulialton is my boss. He’s human, but doesn’t bathe enough and he’s vulgar. I’m sergeant of the guard. There is a passenger in the wagon named Eldkin the Dwarf.
Feng was hired by Samardeg, an extremely pleasant and optimistic human. He’s known as Samardeg the Hoper.
Stor recognized some of the travellers in the caravan as people from the box canyon.

12 wagons in the caravan
1, 4, 7 have treasure in them. The cultists staffing those wagons are acting like they don’t know each other.
2 is Akrany’s wagon, that I’m guarding
3 has Breann of Tarth
11 has a wagon full of cages of exotic birds and animals
12 is Samardeg’s wagon – where Feng is
There is a quiet woman with green skin, hair, etc travelling in wagon 5

Stor followed the palanquin north from the caravan area and observed the black half-dragon mounting a horse and riding off with his four guards. He followed them until lunch time, when he turned back to meet the caravan.

Our second night on the road, Natali went off into the woods. The person across the campfire from Stor suddenly started making growly noises and a wolf-like being lept over the fire and pounced on Stor in his bedroll, clawing him up pretty good. Stor tried to escape, but was unable to. Mordaxis froze her in her tracks. I tied her up.

The caravan masters sent her back to Baldur’s Gate. I gave her 3 days’ rations to get back to town. Reverence advised her to seek out a priest to help her get healed.

Mordaxis and Reverence have been hanging out with a nobleman and his three hirelings who are headed to Waterdeep. They have terrible horses that they don’t take care of, and they beat them terribly. The knight’s horse collapsed, and the nobleman continued to beat it. The nobleman then offered Mordaxis 150gp for our extra horse. Mordaxis refused. I think that he’s just made us some busom buddies.

We settled in for the long trip to Waterdeep.

Episode 4
The return of Langdedrosa

We spent a couple of days recovering, training, and gearing up. Natali has acquired some new tattoos on her hands. Reverence has reappeared (sleep with one eye open).

Leosin called us all together and asked us to go back to the camp and figure out what their plans are and what’s in the cave. He’s going to Elterel, about 9 days’ journey away to meet with Anthar Froon. He will meet us there.

After gearing up, we headed out for the bandit camp about dusk. The trail is familiar at this point, and we came across the corpses of the two bandits that we left tied up to a tree the last time we passed this way – oops, should have sent someone to check on them.

The plan seems to be that most of us are going to scout around the top of the bluff to support Mordaxis as he enters the camp invisible. The camp is empty except for one campfire burning in front of one of the smaller huts. Mordaxis went to the command hut, and then checked out the cave, where he found a couple of dudes in leather armor with dual scimitars.

Mordaxis and I walked up and shared a wineskin with the hunter. He told us that everyone packed up and left except some kobolds, guards, the “purple chick,” one of the dragon dudes and some guards. They are still paying for hunters to bring meat back and send it into the cave, so he and his buddy are doing that.

Connor started making whispery noises at some grass near the command tent. Apparently the grass is happy that it’s not being stomped. It tells him that everyone left the morning after we had our adventures here.

We went to the cave, nobody was there. I entered the cave and went about 30 feet to see if anyone was there. I called out, but nobody answered. We went further into the cave, when two figures with scimitars leaped from their hiding place, surprising us. More bad guys boiled out of an entry ahead of us, charging for an attack. After a fight that involved arrows, a giant web, some fire, and lots of Stor shooting at us we defeated the bad guys, with the last two running away.

We followed the last two guards through several twisted passages and a room that looked like a barracks. We came upon a room with the two guards, now healed, and a woman dressed in purple (probably the “Purple Chick” that the hunter mentioned). She turned and immediately cast a spell at me, making me freeze in place. Everyone was stuck in the corridor behind me until I managed to throw off the paralysis, allowing us to move into the room, quickly dispatching the two guards. Mordaxis cast a spell that brought forth an arc of lightning between him and the woman in purple. When Natali and I tried to move in to attack her, we were both incapacitated by demons that did terrible damage to us as soon as we got close to her. Finally, the combination of the lightning that Mordaxis held on her, and some arrows and a dart thrown by Natali that finally knocked her out.

What we found in this room:
100 gp
Purple robes
Maps indicating that the plunder they had gathered was being shipped west to the coast then north.

Mordaxis discovered a hole in the floor that dropped him down a 30 foot deep to a 5 foot wide corridor. We explored the deep caves, and found a cavern with four guys in skins carrying axes and the half blue dragon that I fought outside the keep at Greenest. Langadosora pointed at me and said “you and me” and started running toward me. I fought Langadosora while my companions fought the cave men. It was an epic fight, and we ended up with Natali, Mordaxis, and Connor unconscious by the time I finally took out that dragon-blooded bastard.

The large room had dragons carved into the walls. One of them is of a large, five headed dragon climbing from a volcano. There was a small, elaborately carved chest in front of the elaborate dragon carving. Stor tried to open the chest, which set off a hissing sound and the room began to fill with nasty fumes and spitting, nasty liquid coming from holes in
the wall and ceiling. Connor, Natali, Stor, and I went down under the onslaught of the fumes and acidic liquid. With 4 of the 6 of us down, we decided it was time to rest.

Lorea out. For now.

Episode 3 - Lorea
Raider's Camp

Governor Nighthill, the Governor of Greenest, has offered us 250gp each to hunt down the cultists. A young woman named Natali will be joining us to find her colleague, Leosin, who they think was taken by the bad guys. They found a choker and broken staff belonging to Leosin.

Another young man from town, Stor, has also insisted that he join us to help save his town. I’ll have to watch him, he seems a shady character, and may to be a source of chaos.

After following the incredibly obvious trail for a few hours, we had moved into a hilly country and saw a column of smoke in the distance. There was a campsite in a hollow, which Stor snuck up to and saw 4 people and 8 kobolds arguing over how to cook their looted chickens. Stor brought back intelligence about what they were doing, and we discussed what to do about them. We argued, I mean discussed, our plan, and in the end, decided to go around them and leave them in our dust.

As we walked through a defile, we heard the telltale sound of stones falling down from the ridge above us. The boulders that followed seriously harmed many of my companions, so I needed to defend their lives. 6 human figures dressed in rags wielding scimitars followed the boulders down to finish us off, and I was only able to engage three of them, the rest going around me to attack my companions. After Connor and Natali took one of the scimitar-wielding zealots down with bow and dart, two figures holding what may have been (un)holy symbols rose on the top of the ridge and called lightning down on Natali and Stor. Natali sidestepped the damage, while Stor took a lightning bolt to the face. Another man with a spear rose up and threw the spear at me, I easily blocked that attack, and the attacks of three scimitar-wielding men. Natali ran over to the man attacking Connor and slapped at him ineffectually, pulling a muscle. I cut down one of the scimitar-wielding maniacs, but hit a rock with my second attack, damaging my sword. Stor went down under the onslaught of the maniac’s scimitar. He got better.

We defeated the bad guys, capturing one of the scimitar-wielding bad-guys, and Connor and Natali chased down the badly wounded spear-wielding guard, wrestled him to the ground, and tied him up.

After some rather sad, comical attempts to interview our prisoners, we decided to tie them to a tree a ways off the main road so that we could pick them up on the way back to Greenest.

We came upon a box canyon ahead, and heard what sounded like a large group of people, including the bark of Kobolds and speech of humans. They had guard towers, huts, and a couple of hundred people. Natali wouldn’t just leave to go back to town to report, so we decided to watch the camp for a while to figure out what’s what. We discerned that there was a large tent at the back of the canyon with important-looking people going in and out, including the blue half-dragon that I fought yesterday outside the keep at Greenest.

We decided to enter the camp as “random group of mercenaries.” We walked right into camp, mingled with some mercenaries at a campfire, and found out that the prisoners are kept near the back of the canyon, many of them tied to posts for the night, and the rest kept in a tent. The prisoners/slaves are dying faster than anticipated, and the mercenaries were griping about having to do manual labor. They also talked about “the hatchlings” in a cave.

We went to the area where the prisoners were kept, and found 8 prisoners tied to posts, three tents nearby were filled with cultists worshiping Tiamet and mercenaries hanging around and sleeping. Suddenly, there was a commotion near the gate of the camp as we were looking at the prisoners and making a plan. Connor and Stor were climbing to the top of the canyon to provide covering fire and secure ropes for the prisoners. Connor slipped and fell down the slope, attracting the attention of the cultists who were coming out to see what the commotion was at the gate. The cultists immediately grabbed Connor after he told an ineffectual lie about being drunk. I walked up, dazzling them with a bullshit story about being sent to check on them. I ordered them to tie Connor up and I took him into custody, ordering them to continue patrolling.

As I took Connor off toward the command tent to find a quiet place to cut him loose, I noticed a lone post with a prisoner tied to it. We investigated it, and found that it was Leosin. As he and Natali talked (“leave me be” “no, I must save you” etc) Connor laid a healing on Leosin. We cut Leosin’s bindings, but he stayed at the post to pretend to be tied up while we went to find someone to take his place so that the guards wouldn’t notice he was missing. We found the four cultists that I’d buffaloed earlier patrolling the base of the ridge. We killed them, but they managed to call for help. Some guards came out of a nearby hut, and I sent them to help with the “drunk” guys over there. We attacked them, but one of them shimmered and changed into an elf. We defeated the bad guys, including the shape-shifting elf. The commotion in camp continued to spread, and things were getting a little out of hand. Leosin suddenly ran in from the post, scooped the unconscious elf up off the ground, and started climbing the rope that Stor lowered from the ridge above.

I defended the bottom of the rope as everyone else climbed. Then I went up the rope, leaving three guys at the bottom and just ahead of a mob of two dozen more moving in on us. The strange elf that Leosin had saved and managed to revive at the top of the ridge tried to pull the rope up the cliff to help me, but managed to trip, fall over the cliff, and knock himself out in front of two dozen guards, cultists, and assorted kobolds. There was no way for us to save this stranger who attacked us, then tried to help us. As sling stones started clattering around us, we ran for Greenest.

Things we learned from Leosin over the course of the morning while resting and eating to regain our strength:
Cult of the dragon has traditionally been obsessed with bringing dead dragons back to life as undead, but now they’ve changed to bringing glory to Tiamet
They’ve been collecting treasure from all over (but we learned that mercenaries aren’t getting a cut)
The leader is Resmer, a half-black dragon, but he’s never seen
Langadosora is the half-blue dragon that I fought at Greenest
Inside the cave is the “Nursery” where all of the plunder is being gathered and the dragon hatchlings are being raised
Mordaxis is the shape-shifting elf, and he was apparently a friend of Leosin. Leosin seems to have a lot of friends – some of them may not be completely inept.

Meanwhile, back at the cultist camp, Mordaxis (the shape-shifting elf) was severely interrogated, and spilled his guts to Langadosora, but since he didn’t know anything, he didn’t have anything to give away. After the interrogation, Mordaxis managed to convince some of his guards that he’d converted to Dragon worship, and used the opportunity to skedaddle back to Greenest. He showed up at about mid-day to find the everyone resting. He seems a shifty fellow – I’ll need to keep an eye on him as well.

Submitted by Lorea Jones, Defender of Law

Episode 2 - The Spirit of Cale
Greenest in flames

The governor finds the group after they have annoyed away the dragon. The mill is under attack. It looks like the cultists want to burn it down. This is the only way they’ll produce enough food for the winter. Oh the humanity.

The group leaps into action. They will go stop the cultists ahead of a group of guards that will be 15 minutes behind. They exit through the secret tunnel. Erevan scouts ahead. The group follows further behind taking the long way along the creek. He sees the cultists not trying very hard to burn down the mill. Suspicious. However Cale’s feet get the best of him and he falls and screams out in pain. That gets noticed. The group quickly dispatches the 5 cultists who come at them.

They decide to enter the mill. The millstone is grinding away. Odd. Erevan sneaks over to the control and turns it off. They are quickly attacked by 5 spear-wielding cultist who leap from the loft. 5 more appear in the loft spears ready to throw. Cale is struck down as is Erevan. Both die before aid can be administered. Reverence unleashes a huge fire blast. Reverence goes down but survives. Connor and Lorea finish off the cultists. Clearly it was a trap that succeeded in reducing the number of champions defending the town.

Upon returning to the keep the governor summons a local priest and healing potions are administered to the wounded. A Zhehtarim assassin is found scaling the wall into the keep. He is sent to kill the governor. During interrogation he is accidentally nicked by his poison dagger and quickly dies horribly. No information was retrieved.

The group is sent to save dozens of villagers trapped in the temple. A few guards join them. The villagers are snuck out the back of the temple avoiding the kobolds and cultists with lizards. Once spotted the group retreats behind a hedge or shrubbery. Ni!. The guards begin leading the group away and Connor covers their rear. An impressive dual scimitar wielding nicely dressed leader bounds towards the escaping group. He is slowed by Reverence’s bolt of ice. Next the hedge is set ablaze. Nonplussed the impressive man bounds through flaming hedge. Lorea defends against him and in the end forces him into the fire where he cooks. The group makes haste to the keep as the kobolds and lizard-wielding cultists approach. After a heated chase they escape into the now not-secret tunnel and enter the keep.

After a short rest the pillaging stops and the attackers back away from the keep. An impressive 7 foot tall half-dragon appears with 3 villagers in tow (a family of course). He declares they will die unless the mightiest warrior comes out and fights him. After some quibbling the villagers are stored near the keep and Lorea engages the big guy. Clearly outmatched he fights valiantly until he is brutally defeated. He survives and is brought back to the keep.

After a much-deserved long rest the group awakens. Much to their surprise Reverence is not a human woman but an ogre in drag. I mean, a Tiefling. She applies an illusion to herself but not before people are shocked. Lorea is not pleased. Connor shrugs.


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