Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 3 - Lorea
Raider's Camp

Governor Nighthill, the Governor of Greenest, has offered us 250gp each to hunt down the cultists. A young woman named Natali will be joining us to find her colleague, Leosin, who they think was taken by the bad guys. They found a choker and broken staff belonging to Leosin.

Another young man from town, Stor, has also insisted that he join us to help save his town. I’ll have to watch him, he seems a shady character, and may to be a source of chaos.

After following the incredibly obvious trail for a few hours, we had moved into a hilly country and saw a column of smoke in the distance. There was a campsite in a hollow, which Stor snuck up to and saw 4 people and 8 kobolds arguing over how to cook their looted chickens. Stor brought back intelligence about what they were doing, and we discussed what to do about them. We argued, I mean discussed, our plan, and in the end, decided to go around them and leave them in our dust.

As we walked through a defile, we heard the telltale sound of stones falling down from the ridge above us. The boulders that followed seriously harmed many of my companions, so I needed to defend their lives. 6 human figures dressed in rags wielding scimitars followed the boulders down to finish us off, and I was only able to engage three of them, the rest going around me to attack my companions. After Connor and Natali took one of the scimitar-wielding zealots down with bow and dart, two figures holding what may have been (un)holy symbols rose on the top of the ridge and called lightning down on Natali and Stor. Natali sidestepped the damage, while Stor took a lightning bolt to the face. Another man with a spear rose up and threw the spear at me, I easily blocked that attack, and the attacks of three scimitar-wielding men. Natali ran over to the man attacking Connor and slapped at him ineffectually, pulling a muscle. I cut down one of the scimitar-wielding maniacs, but hit a rock with my second attack, damaging my sword. Stor went down under the onslaught of the maniac’s scimitar. He got better.

We defeated the bad guys, capturing one of the scimitar-wielding bad-guys, and Connor and Natali chased down the badly wounded spear-wielding guard, wrestled him to the ground, and tied him up.

After some rather sad, comical attempts to interview our prisoners, we decided to tie them to a tree a ways off the main road so that we could pick them up on the way back to Greenest.

We came upon a box canyon ahead, and heard what sounded like a large group of people, including the bark of Kobolds and speech of humans. They had guard towers, huts, and a couple of hundred people. Natali wouldn’t just leave to go back to town to report, so we decided to watch the camp for a while to figure out what’s what. We discerned that there was a large tent at the back of the canyon with important-looking people going in and out, including the blue half-dragon that I fought yesterday outside the keep at Greenest.

We decided to enter the camp as “random group of mercenaries.” We walked right into camp, mingled with some mercenaries at a campfire, and found out that the prisoners are kept near the back of the canyon, many of them tied to posts for the night, and the rest kept in a tent. The prisoners/slaves are dying faster than anticipated, and the mercenaries were griping about having to do manual labor. They also talked about “the hatchlings” in a cave.

We went to the area where the prisoners were kept, and found 8 prisoners tied to posts, three tents nearby were filled with cultists worshiping Tiamet and mercenaries hanging around and sleeping. Suddenly, there was a commotion near the gate of the camp as we were looking at the prisoners and making a plan. Connor and Stor were climbing to the top of the canyon to provide covering fire and secure ropes for the prisoners. Connor slipped and fell down the slope, attracting the attention of the cultists who were coming out to see what the commotion was at the gate. The cultists immediately grabbed Connor after he told an ineffectual lie about being drunk. I walked up, dazzling them with a bullshit story about being sent to check on them. I ordered them to tie Connor up and I took him into custody, ordering them to continue patrolling.

As I took Connor off toward the command tent to find a quiet place to cut him loose, I noticed a lone post with a prisoner tied to it. We investigated it, and found that it was Leosin. As he and Natali talked (“leave me be” “no, I must save you” etc) Connor laid a healing on Leosin. We cut Leosin’s bindings, but he stayed at the post to pretend to be tied up while we went to find someone to take his place so that the guards wouldn’t notice he was missing. We found the four cultists that I’d buffaloed earlier patrolling the base of the ridge. We killed them, but they managed to call for help. Some guards came out of a nearby hut, and I sent them to help with the “drunk” guys over there. We attacked them, but one of them shimmered and changed into an elf. We defeated the bad guys, including the shape-shifting elf. The commotion in camp continued to spread, and things were getting a little out of hand. Leosin suddenly ran in from the post, scooped the unconscious elf up off the ground, and started climbing the rope that Stor lowered from the ridge above.

I defended the bottom of the rope as everyone else climbed. Then I went up the rope, leaving three guys at the bottom and just ahead of a mob of two dozen more moving in on us. The strange elf that Leosin had saved and managed to revive at the top of the ridge tried to pull the rope up the cliff to help me, but managed to trip, fall over the cliff, and knock himself out in front of two dozen guards, cultists, and assorted kobolds. There was no way for us to save this stranger who attacked us, then tried to help us. As sling stones started clattering around us, we ran for Greenest.

Things we learned from Leosin over the course of the morning while resting and eating to regain our strength:
Cult of the dragon has traditionally been obsessed with bringing dead dragons back to life as undead, but now they’ve changed to bringing glory to Tiamet
They’ve been collecting treasure from all over (but we learned that mercenaries aren’t getting a cut)
The leader is Resmer, a half-black dragon, but he’s never seen
Langadosora is the half-blue dragon that I fought at Greenest
Inside the cave is the “Nursery” where all of the plunder is being gathered and the dragon hatchlings are being raised
Mordaxis is the shape-shifting elf, and he was apparently a friend of Leosin. Leosin seems to have a lot of friends – some of them may not be completely inept.

Meanwhile, back at the cultist camp, Mordaxis (the shape-shifting elf) was severely interrogated, and spilled his guts to Langadosora, but since he didn’t know anything, he didn’t have anything to give away. After the interrogation, Mordaxis managed to convince some of his guards that he’d converted to Dragon worship, and used the opportunity to skedaddle back to Greenest. He showed up at about mid-day to find the everyone resting. He seems a shifty fellow – I’ll need to keep an eye on him as well.

Submitted by Lorea Jones, Defender of Law

Episode 2 - The Spirit of Cale
Greenest in flames

The governor finds the group after they have annoyed away the dragon. The mill is under attack. It looks like the cultists want to burn it down. This is the only way they’ll produce enough food for the winter. Oh the humanity.

The group leaps into action. They will go stop the cultists ahead of a group of guards that will be 15 minutes behind. They exit through the secret tunnel. Erevan scouts ahead. The group follows further behind taking the long way along the creek. He sees the cultists not trying very hard to burn down the mill. Suspicious. However Cale’s feet get the best of him and he falls and screams out in pain. That gets noticed. The group quickly dispatches the 5 cultists who come at them.

They decide to enter the mill. The millstone is grinding away. Odd. Erevan sneaks over to the control and turns it off. They are quickly attacked by 5 spear-wielding cultist who leap from the loft. 5 more appear in the loft spears ready to throw. Cale is struck down as is Erevan. Both die before aid can be administered. Reverence unleashes a huge fire blast. Reverence goes down but survives. Connor and Lorea finish off the cultists. Clearly it was a trap that succeeded in reducing the number of champions defending the town.

Upon returning to the keep the governor summons a local priest and healing potions are administered to the wounded. A Zhehtarim assassin is found scaling the wall into the keep. He is sent to kill the governor. During interrogation he is accidentally nicked by his poison dagger and quickly dies horribly. No information was retrieved.

The group is sent to save dozens of villagers trapped in the temple. A few guards join them. The villagers are snuck out the back of the temple avoiding the kobolds and cultists with lizards. Once spotted the group retreats behind a hedge or shrubbery. Ni!. The guards begin leading the group away and Connor covers their rear. An impressive dual scimitar wielding nicely dressed leader bounds towards the escaping group. He is slowed by Reverence’s bolt of ice. Next the hedge is set ablaze. Nonplussed the impressive man bounds through flaming hedge. Lorea defends against him and in the end forces him into the fire where he cooks. The group makes haste to the keep as the kobolds and lizard-wielding cultists approach. After a heated chase they escape into the now not-secret tunnel and enter the keep.

After a short rest the pillaging stops and the attackers back away from the keep. An impressive 7 foot tall half-dragon appears with 3 villagers in tow (a family of course). He declares they will die unless the mightiest warrior comes out and fights him. After some quibbling the villagers are stored near the keep and Lorea engages the big guy. Clearly outmatched he fights valiantly until he is brutally defeated. He survives and is brought back to the keep.

After a much-deserved long rest the group awakens. Much to their surprise Reverence is not a human woman but an ogre in drag. I mean, a Tiefling. She applies an illusion to herself but not before people are shocked. Lorea is not pleased. Connor shrugs.

Episode 2 - Lorea
Greenest in flames

We were asked by the mayor of Greenest to save The Mill from marauders who were trying to burn it down.

Erevon went ahead to scout the area, and he saw that the cultists menacing the mill were not serious about burning the place down, we immediately suspect a trap

The rest of us came up slower trying to be sneaky, but Cale stubbed his toe, attracting the attention of every bad guy in the area, who we promptly beat down (not Cale, the bad guys).

We discussed how to proceed, Reverence wanted to go back to the keep and warn the soldiers behind us that there might be a trap here. We decided to check out the mill first before sounding the alarm.

As soon as we entered the mill and disengaged the millstone (why was that thing running?), we were attacked by 10 bad guys.

Cale quickly fell beneath the swords of the evildoers.

Lorea was unable to hit anything as Reverence fired flame at half of the bad guys and Connor methodically cut them down. After an extended fight, we prevailed! But we found that Cale and Erevon had breathed their last. We mourned our fallen colleagues as we brought their bodies back to the keep for proper burial.

As we rested and tried to recover from our ordeal, I noticed someone sneaking over the parapet into the keep. We captured him, questioned him, and found that he was a spy and assassin with a symbol of the Zhentarim in his pocket. While questioning him, I pricked him with his own knife, whereupon he foamed at the mouth, shuddered, and died.

When we went to tell the governor about the assassin, he was getting word of people trapped in the Temple. He sends, along with four “guards” (farmers with spears), to save the “dozens” of people trapped there.

At the temple, we found that there were two groups, one at each end of the temple. One of those groups was trying to knock down the front doors with a battering ram, while the other group was doing something obscured by smoke at the back door. A large group of 20 bad guys were also roaming the area looking for trouble.

After watching the action for a couple of circuits of the largest group, we discerned a pattern to their patrol and decided to plink at the group on the end of the temple who were doing something obscured by smoke. We cut holes in the hedge behind which we were secreted, and shot at the group by the back door of the temple, killing many of them and driving the rest off.

Conner and Reverence ran to the back door and found that there was a smudge pot that the kobolds and humans were trying to burn the door open with. Reverence convinced the villagers in the temple to open the door and let Conner and Rev into the temple. Rev convinced the priest and villagers found within to run out the back door while he mended the front door being battered from the outside.

Conner led the villagers to the hedge behind which the four militia men were waiting to herd them to the tunnel back to the keep, while I defended the gap in the hedge as the villagers ran away. We managed to get the last of the villagers through the hedge and running for our escape tunnel before the battering ram destroyed the front door.
Rev was the last one out of the temple just as the front door burst in and the large group of roaming bad guys spotted him.

Rev started the hedge on fire as he peeled past me as I blocked the passage through the hedge. I stood my ground and fought the leader of the large group of kobolds, humans, and drakes bearing down on us. After a few rounds of Connor, Rev, and I shoving, whacking, and shooting at him, he burned to death. As he went down, I turned and ran like hell. We managed to get all of the villagers into the tunnel and lock it down before the mob chasing us got there.

We were eating in the keep, working on our thousand yard stares, when a lot of “what’s that” and “look at that” starting coming from the wall.

Outside was a half dragon named Langdedrosa with a great sword who brought a small group of villagers forward and challenged the keep to send out a champion or he would slaughter the villagers. A farmer/militia member started beading out to fight the hag dragon because his family was among the villagers under threat. I couldn’t allow that kind of slaughter, so I volunteered to fight the half blue dragon. It only took a couple of rounds for him to knock me down with that great sword.

The governor asked us to follow the raiders back to their lair, for 250 gold each.

Liosan head of a monk order has gone missing and one of the monks wants to join us. The next morning, we found out that Rev is not a good looking woman, she’s actually a vile demon-tainted Tiefling. How can we trust such an evil creature that has suddenly appeared among us? I have to find the source of the Zhentarim, but I’m going to have to keep an eye on this potential source of chaos in our midst.

submitted by Lorea Jones

Episode 1
Welcome to Greenest

A merchant caravan was traveling from Waterdeep to Greenest. A varied crew accompanied it. Lorea, a well-dressed half-elf fighter was hired to guard the caravan during it’s journey. Cale, a well-worn human cleric of Helm came to ensure the medical supplies were protected. Erevan, a sneaky half-elf thief motives were unclear. Connor, a wood elf who clearly spends more time with the woods than with people, joined as he had business
in Greenest. And Reverence a quiet female human of no apparent profession rounded out the crew.

Upon reaching the outskirts of Greenest they found the city aflame and under siege by a blue dragon, Lennithon, and bands of strange human cultists and kobolds. The rest of the party stayed behind to protect the wagons or because they didn’t want to get involved, however Cale rushed headlong into danger, followed a little reluctantly by Reverence. They found a family in peril from a band of kobolds. After a fiery melee, literally, Cale was felled by the kobolds before Reverence eradicated them by revealing some potent spellcasting ability.

At the insistence of the wagon owners, the caravan picked up the family and headed to the safety of the town keep. Along the way more encounters with cultists and kobolds felled two more of the group, Lorea and Connor. The kobolds proved formidable in groups. That left just Reverence and Erevan. After dispatching one group and evading another, the wagon ran up to a third and failed to turn aside before they were noticed. The couple driving the wagon flogged the horses to top speed while Erevan leaped from the wagon and heaved himself up to the rooftop. Erevan was able to distract the pursuers with arrows from his hidden location, and then stealthily made his way to the keep. Upon reaching the keep the fallen members were revived and they met a dwarf named Escobar the Red, or Red for short. After talking to the battle-worn Governor Nighthill they agreed to help the residents of Greenest.

First, an old underground tunnel into the keep was cleared of rats, nasty rats. The tunnel opened to a nearby stream. A group of cultists and kobolds was quickly dispatched as the group began to gel as a party. A kobold prisoner was interrogated for information yielding the dragon’s name (Lennithon). The tunnel was secure and could be used to sneak in townsfolk outside of the keep.

Next the southern entrance to the keep had been breached and the door needed mending. After quickly dispatching a room of kobolds, cultists and a priest in another display of coordinated teamwork, repairs began on the door. Reverence’s profession becomes even more clear as she begins repairing the door through magic. Before she can finish another squad approaches. Using the narrow hall to their advantage Lorea holds the line as the others dispatch the squad. The door is then mended and the keep is secure.

The dragon’s assault turns to the keep itself now. Guards are struck down by the white fire of the dragon. The party climbs the keep tower and attempts to repel the dragon. Through the cleansing fire of Helm the dragon sustains its first minor injuries. Angered by the annoyance the dragon rushes the tower and prepares a killing breath. Lorea braces for defense while Eravan fires a brilliant shot hitting the dragon in the nostril. Greatly frustrated the dragon breaks off its attack and departs.

And there was much rejoicing.


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