Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 22 - Nat

Adventure Log 2016-02-09

Travel Log of Natali Starag.

After exiting the tower and returning to town we are greeted as heroes. We get horses and ride to the teleportation circle. We’re back in Waterdeep. The council is currently in session. Tomorrow we are to meet with them. On our way to our quarters we are met by the creepy pale bald man, wizard of Thay. He reminds us of our mission to travel to Thay to meet with the Tharcion (a regional leader). He has to wait until we meet with the council. The wizard is pissy about it.

The 10 representatives are present including the Tiefling (at the table) and the silver dragon in elvish form (not at the table, observing). We are questioned about slaying two dragons at once. Mordaxis brandishes the eyes dramatically. They move to send us to Thay. We are dismissed. We meet up with the creepy wizard. He teleports us there. He is adjunct Nyh-Ilmec.

Thay is warmer, arid, darker. Black clouds fill the sky. There are few plants. It’s a bleak reddish desert. We are taken to a keep and some quarters. They have skeletons and zombies for servants. Creepy. We are left there to wait to be summoned. There is a bell if we need anything. There are 4 bedrooms and a common room with nice food. Our unit is in the corner on the second flooring looking out on the bleakness. We see mountains in one direction, the terrain dips out of site in another, perhaps down. We see a road with wagons bringing supplies. We wait for several hours, maybe 10. I eat some of the food as does Rev. It seems fine. Feng and Mordaxis will have none of it. We pass the time playing dice games and doing impersonations of Lorea. Our food is changed by skeleton servants twice. Creepy.

We are taken before the Tharcion. It’s a large hall and the Tharcion Izeldra Yeth sits on a bone throne. She is flanked by 10 red wizards and 6 wights in armor with unsheathed glowing swords. Quite a show of power. The adjunct leaves. Our papers, showing our designation as representatives, are closely examined by the Tharcion. She addresses us. We have a common enemy. The King of Thay wants all renegade red wizards killed. Those renegades have joined the dragons to help with their ritual. We are to find the enemy and ascertain their strength and location. The forces of Thay will deal with the rogue wizards and then depart. We are each questioned by the Tharcion trying to determine the strength and resources of the sword coast. She seems pleased and dismisses us but not before looking at us very intensely. Very strange. We are to finish in the morning.

We return to our chambers in good spirits. We are greeted with some good spirits, wine, provided for us. I find it too good and can’t remember exactly what happened. I fear I was recounting how I came to Leosin. That was such a terrible time. Never again will I be weak and defenseless. I am like the wind now, swift and strong. The wine bested me and fell into slumber.

Sleep, actually the night, was terrible. I don’t think I actually got any sleep. I had this terrible nightmare of being in cauldron bound with living chains surrounded by 12 red wizards. They kept berating me with questions. When they did not like my answer, oh the pain, it was unbearable. They asked: Why did I come to Thay? What do I know of Severen? How do they plan to bring back Tiamat? What do I know of Rath Modar? Which of the council has pledged support? Who did Mordaxis make an oath to? Where is the ritual to be performed? What do I think of Zas Tam? It ends. Finally I am free of the terror. I am in my bed. Soaked in sweat. There is blood around me but no wounds to show. The same nightmare was had by Feng and Rev. Mordaxis, not needing rest, was spared.

We summon the adjunct and complain. He blames the dream on our frail nature. There is no blame to be had by Thay. We are taken to Tarcion. She rejects the alliance. We are not reliable and not powerful enough. They will forge ahead on their own. We leave. I need sleep. I feel awful.

We debrief Leosin. We are visited by the Tiefling, Rian Nightshade. She represents the Zentarim – a mysterious assassin moblike group that is the dark underside of Waterdeep. She extends greetings from the halfling that aided us back on the caravan, so long ago now. She has been brought by Lord Dagolt. She heard of our conquering of the tower. The council has been talking about what to do with the tower. By right of conquest it is ours but the council is debating if since we were on a mission for them that they own it. She offers to buy it from us. 50,000 gold. Mordaxis drives a hard bargain and wants more, or at least a fire staff. She can only offer 75,000 gold if we get the council to support the Zentarim. We decline. We get some sleep.

The next day we go to the council. They say the decision is ours on the tower. It is a useful staging location for the assault on the well of the dragon. It is 3/4 of the way there. We decide to give it to the Harpers. Next we need to assign the dragons. We assign brass to the Order of the Gauntlet (Feng’s group). Bronze to Neverwinter. Copper to Corneer. Gold to the misty forest. Silver to Waterdeep. Othar is unhappy. Rev relays our experience at Thay. Then this sound, which existed only as faint background noise, gets louder, everywhere. The council is alarmed and they end the meeting.

We hear the noise everywhere. Underground. Outside. This is very strange. The council reconvenes. It is the Dracohorn. No longer are dragons being called, they are being ordered to come. The ritual is mere days away. The silver dragon addresses the council. The blue mask we brought back is a fake. All the dragon masks are with the cult. On the bright side the giants have approached the dragons to join the fight. Led by the flying castle giant (hopefully he now has guards since we killed them all). The flying castle will be a troop transport for our forces and giant forces. Time for the council to vote. All but one, the dwarf, are in. 9 out of 10, not bad.

Rev suggests we go on a reconnaissance mission. Zanthal’s castle will be prepared for launching an assault. We are stocked with up to 5 healing potions (8d4+8) and cloaks of elvenkind (disadvantage on rolls to perceive wearer, and wearer has advantage on stealth rolls). We are given magical coins that allow us to talk to the council. We merely hold it and speak. Scryers are attuned to us so they will be following us. We are to find out the size of the forces, the access points to them, how far they are in the plans and to tell all of this to the council so the assault can launch.

The time has come to save the world. I have never been more ready.



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