Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 21.5 Lorea

We stepped into the teleportation circle, and after about a second we appeared in a circular room. There is a body of a woman with a purple cult of the dragon robe, dead on the floor.

There are geometric designs all over the walls, and a metal plate on the wall, etched into it are 9 symbols: 1 chair, 2 chairs, hourglass, star, upside-down L, flame, rectangle, square, triangle

There are two balconeys about 8 feet up, with what seems like circular waiting rooms off of each balconey. We figured out that the two chairs symbol will teleport us to the balconey, and there’s a circle symbol in the railing that teleports one down to the main level. The one chair symbol seems to do nothing.

Feng pushed the rectagle symbol, which teleported us to a 60 foot wide circular chamber with a firepit in the middle of the room. The smoke rises from the fire, and seems to disappear into the ceiling, even though the ceiling is unbroken. There is a mostly complete dragon skeleton in the room and six guys in black robes who reach for their weapons.

One of them tried to run through us to the teleportation circle, and we cut him down. Rev was immobilized, but still managed to shoot a fireball at them. I moved up and took one of them out, Natali took out two, and Feng took the rest of them out.

There are notes about the bones are being cleaned and making sure each piece is properly accounted for.

hourglass symbol flashes blue, then red and nothing happens. The star symbol took us to an obvious mage’s workspace. The ceiling is a dome with a circular crystal embedded in it, and below is a complicated machine made of brass, mahogany, and crystal. There are three grad students in black robes and one guy in purple robes. Feng moved in and killed the guy with the purple robes after Mordaxis shot it with a fire bolt. I killed one of the grad students, and Natali tried to subdue another one. We managed to take one prisoner. Rev realized that they are mapping constellations that don’t match normal ones. We took the books and the prisoner, and found an hourglass pendant on the purple robed dude.

We touched the pendant to the hourglass symbol and teleported to a rectagular room. Three dead bodies lie in the room, stabbed, burned, and smashed. Exit that angles up and to the right. We follow the corridor, which has a blood smear on the floor from one of the bodies in the last room. In the next 40X40 room is a lot of blood, and bloody footsteps go off to the left. There’s a chest on a table, and three humanoid figures, two rocky and one flames.

As soon as I stepped into the room, they moved to attack. Feng stormed past me, bellowing his rage and engaged the fire guy and one of the stone dudes. Natali moved up next to me to engage the other stone man. We killed them.

We follow the bloody footsteps down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the wall stones fade away and the floor of the corridor seems to continue through infinite space, with stars all around. A meteor shower came straight at us, and everyone dodged it but me, so I was knocked off the path and into the darkness. Falling. When I landed, I was in a room with what appears to be a portal to a place of fire and a staff sticking out of the floor. When I touched the staff, it made the view through the portal skew around, but it’s so sensitive and it’s view seems to only be of fiery stuff, so I left it. There’s a secret door that I find, so I go through into a library. On the table is a map, which seems to be of the plane of fire. I took the map and that’s when Mordaxis appeared above me. We figured out how to open the secret door, and just when we did, all of the paper flew at us, causing lots of paper cuts before we exited back onto the path.

The others found the blue dragon mask in a dumbell room. They did not share any more details.

We found a room with an evil demonic being staring at a chess board. There’s a line of salt in front of the room keeping it in. We left it there.

We found an obvious mage’s work-room. There’s papers, braziers, alchemical equipment, etc. We spent a day in the lab resting while Mordaxis went through the notes and found that Xanthal was trying to create a new kind of elemental.

2X scroll of protection from fire elementals
1X scroll of protection from earth elementals

back to the teleportation circle. Flame rune takes us to a circular room with paintings of dracoliches. There’s a dragon skull and two claws on an altar. I rededicating the altar to Bahamut. There was notes about creating dracoliches. Mordaxis collected the notes.

Upside-down L symbol led to abandoned barracks.

Square symbol led to a decrepit bedchamber with a makeshift desk. There are a few notes about dracoliches.

Triangle sends us to sundail. There are clear line-of-sight exits to the village and back to the tower.

As we head back to the village, we hear a great roar and a bolt of lightning takes out a hut in the village. A blue dragon sails overhead and bellows that if we give it the mask it will let us live. I call upon Bahamut to strike it from the sky. It’s slowed, and lands in the village. As we run toward it, Rev cast haste on Feng and I. I called upon Bahamut to protect me from the lightning and Mordaxis used a scroll to do the same thing. Rev sped up Feng and I with his magic, but at the same time poisoned Mordaxis with some evil magic. Who is he working for?

As we closed with the blue dragon, a red dragon suddenly burst forth from a barn, bathing us in fire. It’s a trap! Natali managed to dodge out of the way of both the lightning and the fire while Feng and I both were badly hurt. We moved in to attack the blue dragon first, realizing that it is one that we encountered a long time ago and put an arrow in it’s eye.

I stopped the blue dragon from running away, and Feng fairly quickly dispatched it with his giant sword.

The red dragon moved in and attacked Feng, doing some serious damage. Natali and I moved in to support him while Rev bathed it in cold. The poison was debilitating Mordaxis. When the red dragon tried to back up to breath fire on us again, I pinned it in place and ended up taking the entire fire breath, reducing me to near death. Another round of fighting took me down, but gave Feng time to finish the beast off.

Two dragons at once. Bahamut rules, Tiamat drools!



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