Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 19 - Lorea

Adventure Log 2015-12-01

Before we have a chance to report to the council, we are accosted by Delan Winterhound, representative of the Emerald Enclave, who had approached us earlier to take care of a green dragon issue. He’s so hot for us to head out that he arranges a scribe for us to transcribe our testimony. We will be leaving in the morning.

Delan Winterhound arranges for us to use a teleportation circle to within a few days walk of Althand, the last town attacked by the green dragon that wasn’t quite completely destroyed. We passed through a village that had been destroyed. The trees are rotted and the buildings are destroyed. There are no people here.

We finally arrive at the village of Althand. We met a sentinal at the perimeter of the village. After we identified ourselves, we talked to the sentry about the attack. He said that the chief of the village and the priest were killed in the battle, along with many villagers. Galen organized a counter-attack against the dragon, came through the fight and is now the leader of the town. The town was simultaneously attacked by cultists. Some claim that that there was a rider on the dragon, maybe human. We talked to Galen, who told us his story. He claimed that he got a lucky hit on the dragon and drove it off. It seems that he may not be telling us the whole truth.

Mordaxis used his persuasiveness to convince Galen to give him the rest of the story. He tells Mordaxis that Nelanvane, the King’s long-lost son, was riding the dragon. He made a deal with Nelanvane to spare the village as long as he told them which of the other villages were weak and where they keep their treasure. He tells Mordaxis that the dragon comes from the SE and they meet at a clearing not far away.

We publicly left the village to “investigate.” We set up camp in the clearing for one night, then headed off to the SE. About midafternoon, we heard a crash and scream. We found an old crone trapped under a fallen tree. When we lifted the tree from her, it suddenly stood up and moved off. The old woman suddenly stands up, bowls us over with enthusiastic greetings, gives us garlands of flowers that she apparently pulled from thin air. She told that now “he won’t see you coming!” before turning into an owl and flying away.

We travelled another full day. Spiderweb is growing thicker. Stor got so freaked out that he got himself wrapped in the spiderweb and we had to calm him down. It attracted the attention of three tall, bipedal purple creatures with webbing between their claw-like hands. giant spiders the size of small ponies dropped from the canopy above us.

Nat, Feng, and I each took out one of the spiders surrounding us. We handily defeated them, spreading ichor around the woods. They all quickly died at our hands.

We found a trail headed in the right direction, and found a tall waterfall falling into a large pond. Natalia, using her necklace that allows her to breath water, explored the bottom of the pond. She found a cave behind the waterfall. After only a slightly overdeveloped plan, we made it into the cave, made our way down the slimey, slippery slope. At the bottom of the slope was a huge cavern with a lake. There is a mostly hidden door nearby that Feng notices. We open the door, to find three 10 foot tall creatures with two heads covered in rotting animal skins having an argument. The chamber is filled with the smoke from a fire in the middle of the chamber. I strode forward to offer them aid, while Mordaxis cast a spell that tied them into a knot and held them there. Since they are incredibly evil, I killed them. Mordaxis discovered that one of them was wearing a magic belt. We stashed it in my new bag of holding.

On a rickety stairway that goes up to a door we heard someone crying. We went through the doorway and found a group of elves cowering in a large cavern that overlooks the lake in the giant cavern. These are apparently prisoners of the dragon. We offered to escort them from the cave, but they are afraid that they’d get caught again and punished. There is an ancient shrine to Elvath, Goddess of Waterfalls. Mordaxis prayed, asking for Elvath’s blessing.

We followed a corridor north from the lake in the cavern, we came upon a group of humans and one humanoid with a scaly face wearing studded leather armor. As soon as they saw me, they cried “intruders!” Natalia moved in and beat one of them down immediately. Feng swept forward, killing one with one blow, but falling flat on his face. More humans and another scaley dude entered the meelee from behind us, but Mordaxis put many of the humans to sleep. A purple robed figure entered the fray from a side corridor and attacked Feng.

As we took down the scaley guys, the robed elf-like dude shot gas at Mordaxis, Natalia, and Stor. the gas killed the cultists left in the area.

Now that we could concentrate on the elf-dude, he didn’t last long. After the battle, we found some treasure:

30 gp
120 sp
23 ep
200 cp
silver bar



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