Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 17 - Lorea

Adventure Log 2015-11-03

As soon as we stepped out of the door into the hallway after resting for an hour, the door locked behind us and a bunch of lizardfolk and snake-headed guys ambushed us. Nat moved to attack the snake-headed guys behind us, but they convinced her that she needed to run further to look for the bad-guys. She ran further down the hall and into a room full of serious badness before coming to her senses.

I blinked behind the group of lizardfolk to attack the snake-headed bad-guys behind them.

Feng managed to impale Mordaxis with his sword and then Mordaxis sucked the life from one of the snake-heads.

These lizardfolk seem stronger than the ones we’ve fought before. They have managed to hit both Feng and Natali.

I called upon Bahamut to smite the snake-headed monster in front of me, but I managed to stab myself in the foot.

Finally, we killed all of the ambushing bad-guys.

Using Nat’s intel from when she scouted ahead, we know that the dwarf is on an evil altar, unconscious, and there is a giant snake with arms looming over him. When we entered the room, the snake offered to let us take the dwarf, and said that the dwarf’s soul would be returned when we left. I detected evil, but decided that this snakey dude is totally reasonable and we should listen totally go with his plan. Mordaxis used his magic to remove my compulsion to agree with the snake guys and we attacked.

The snake dude picked up the unconscious dwarf and held an evil knife up to his neck. Mordaxis created a flaming wall to separate one side of the bad-guys from the others. He then caused tentacles to grow from the ground and restrain many of the bad guys.

I am suddenly covered in tiny poisonous snakes. In an attempt to get them off of me, I jumped through Mordaxis’ flaming wall to burn them off. I was attacked by a guy with snakes for arms, who missed me and fell into the wall of flames, burning up.

Nat managed to stumble, loosing her balance but not quite falling down, but opening herself up to an attack. The big snake-dude did not cut the throat of the dwarf, but dropped him to move forward and support two of his minions.

Mordaxis spewed fire from his staff, frying three of the evil-doers and killing one of them. Nat and Feng continued killing the bad-guys one by one while I fixated the largest guy and kept him busy until he attacked me with a bite, scimitar and a giant tail that took me down. By that time, Feng, Stor, and Nat had worked through the less powerful evil and finished off the Large snake dude. I need to buy Nat a medical kit, she’s always using hers to stabilize me.

Nat managed to find that one of the statues could move aside, revealing some treasure and a tunnel leading into darkness.

800 gp
100 pp
2 cloudy emeralds – 1000 gp
necklace of 22 beads 440gp
2 scrolls – call lightning and levitation

Nat scouted the tunnel, finding that it’s 300 feet long and that there is a secret exit carefully hidden behind bushes and stuff. Our guides were still waiting for us.

The representative of the Emerald Enclave came and told us that the Misty Forest has been attacked by a green dragon, which the elves drove off. The dragon had a rider, which they think is a Wyrm Speaker (whatever that is). He wants us to travel to Altand, the last village attacked by the dragon and investigate.

We have given him a commitment to go dragon-hunting, pending a countervaling order from the Council, which is appparently finally going to get their shit together and make a decision – maybe.



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