Tyranny of Dragons

Episode 16 - Lorea (Lorea's no good very bad day)

Adventure Log 2015-10-20

I followed the rest of the group to an abandoned temple. The guardian statues outside asked what I seek, and I answered “my companions.” I entered the temple, and there were statues of wizards with deep blackness under their cowls. The whispers in my mind told me all the secrets of creation until I fell unconscious. I awoke in a room with a well and a trough.

I followed a hallway down at a steep angle, discovering a secret panel and a floor plate. At the bottom of the hallway where my companions. They have apparently been in a terrible fight.

After exchanging news, we continued down a hallway and found a 12 foot tall dude with a flowing white beard sitting in a chair. He said that to get the wisdom of Diderious, we need to leave our offering and depart. Mordaxis and Natalia left a sapphire and money in the pile of treasure at the large human’s feet and we moved on.

Mordaxis entered a room without us, and found five guys playing a card game. We talked to them, and they emanated intense evil. It turns out that they are devils and they serve the dwarf that we seek. Feng gave them a sapphire to get them to tell us where the dwarf went. Apparently they were instructed to follow his orders to the letter, and he brought them here to find a divination pool. They killed a bunch of undead, then he ordered them to stay in this room. The dwarf went thataway.

There’s a room with an empty pool. A dead human cultist is here, pierced by many arrows marked with the sigil of the God Mershulk, who is worshipped by the Yuan-ti.

Stor was able to figure out that the arrows came from a double door, and opposite that is a double door that’s bulging as if under great pressure. I studied the bulging door, and figured out that this door is exactly opposite the copper-clad bulging door that we saw on the way in. I opened the door, and was almost buried under tons of rubble and rock. There’s so much that it didn’t even empty out the room.

Through the other doors, we found a giant sarcophagus that spoke to us and told us that it is Diderious in repose. The Yuan-ti took the dwarf through the portal that he will open for us. A ten-foot wide area of stone wall began to rise into the ceiling, revealing 3 Yuan-ti and 6 lizard-folk. They look surprised to see us appearinng through the stone wall.

Natali asked them where the dwarf in purple is. They didn’t respond to her inquiry. When Natali moved close to them, one of them looked at her and made her to run away.

Feng shot one of the Yuan-ti with two arrows, and Mordaxis hit them with crackling energy. Natali returned from running away, and was bitten by one of the Yuan-ti. Feng cut one of them down with a couple of blows of his mighty sword. Natali and Feng engaged them in close combat, with me protecting Natali as best I could with my shield. Mordaxis shot Natali in the back of the head. Natali and Feng cut down the Yuan-ti with help from Stor’s arrows.

We tried to convince the lizard folk to leave so that we wouldn’t have to kill them, but the light of fanaticism in their eyes is all too familiar from our dealings with the cultists that we have had to kill in the past. Unfortunately, we had to kill them to stop their attacks.

We went down some stairs and found a stone bridge over a deep chasm. The stone bridge looks slick with moss and moisture. Stor lit a torch, and as soon as he did some Yuan-ti and lizardfolk appeared on the other end of the bridge and shot arrows at us. Stor dropped his torch down the chasm, revealing that it is at least 100 feet deep.

My companions began shooting at the beasts, and I moved forward to attack them with my sword. I slipped, and almost fell from the slick bridge ending up dangling from the side of the bridge, barely hanging on. Stor threw a rope, entangling my legs in an inept attempt to save me, but Feng treacherously attacked me with his greatsword. I finally climbed up onto the bridge only to be taken down by Feng. Has he been possessed or has his evil orcish nature finally become dominant?

Natali took down the lizardfolk one by one in her workmanlike way, and as Stor tried to move forward, he fell from the bridge and failed to catch himself. Mordaxis was able to cast a spell that made him fall as light as a feather.

Stor was now at the bottom of the 100 foot deep pit. the walls of the pit are pocked with thousands of small holes, from which emanate an ominous hissing noise. Suddenly, uncounted numbers of small snakes erupted from the holes. He surrounded himself with oil, which he lit on fire to keep the snakes away. Meanwhile, Feng and Natali tied ropes together to make a rope long enough to reach him.

We climbed some stairs to a diamond-shaped room with two shrines, one to Ssheth and one to Mershulk. hundreds of snakes emerged from tiny holes in the walls and moved toward two sets of armor. Mordaxis caused a huge number of snakes to fall asleep, but they still animated the two sets of armor. We killed them all.

We came to a circular room, 40 feet across, with a dozen holes, each three feet across and seven feet deep, in the floor. At the far side of the room were 3 lizardfolk and a woman with strangely serpentine features. We moved in and killed them all.



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